Please note that this service closed down on 30th June. Please refer to the email that you should have received and the FAQ for further information
SME was acquired by Nasuni in July 2022. As per customer notifications the hosted online service was closed on 30.06.23. You can contact SME Legacy support until 30.09.23 if you have any questions with regards to your Account data. At that point all data that has not been user deleted will be deleted from the service.

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Specific Cloud Solutions: Cloudian, Minio, Amazon S3, RackSpace, Azure, Ceph, Google Storage, Dell EMC ECS, Nasuni, LucidLink, IBM COS, Scality, Wasabi, Backblaze
On-Premises SAN/NAS/SMB/DFS, Azure Files, Amazon FSx and  other clouds

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server is also available on UK G-Cloud 10 and the Google Marketplace
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Just some of the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server's features

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Features

Global File System

  • Unified experience for file and object
  • File / Object locking
  • Built in file / object versioning
  • Web, desktop, mobile access
  • Single-Sign-On access (AD, LDAP, SAML)
  • View/manage/edit content
  • Built in web-preview of content
Global File System

File Transfer Acceleration

File Transfer Acceleration

  • M-Stream® file / object transfer acceleration
  • Up to 10X speed increase
  • Also enables VPN-Less accelerated access to SMB shares
  • Works with uploads and downloads
  • Desktop to Storage / Storage to Desktop
  • Storage to Storage or even Rack to Rack
  • Speeds up files to / from remote users
File Transfer Acceleration

Permissions Based Access

  • Single-Sign-On using Corporate Identity Management Systems
  • Integrates with Active Directory / LDAP / SAML
  • Adds two-factor authentication to SMB shares and Object Storage
  • Adds NTFS like permissions to Object Storage
  • Uses existing SMB permission sets
  • Supports file locking and versioning
  • Unify permissions policies across all content
Permissions Based Access

Deep Content Search

Data Discovery & Search

  • Across on-premises/on-cloud data
  • Results based on AD/LDAP/SAML permissions
  • Supports taxonomy classifications of data
  • Web, desktop and mobile
  • Supports PII / SPI / PHI data discovery
  • It's like a search engine for your data!
  • Watch the PII data discovery video
Deep Content Search

Protect and Secure Data

  • Enforce GDPR / CCPA / HIPPA policies
  • Setup DLP policies
  • Securely Encrypt data (FIPS accredited)
  • Ransomware protection and recovery
  • Audit all file events
  • Securely share data
Govern All Data



  • Easily collaborate with internal / external teams
  • Integrations Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • Securely Share file or object links
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office Online
  • Shared Team Folders
  • External Folder sharing for sending/receiving content
Control your data

A securer productive hybrid working experience

Improve data access

  • Object Storage:
    S3 compatible, Azure etc.
  • Private storage:
    NAS, SAN, CIFS, MS DFS etc.
  • Public storage:
    Google Drive, Box, Office 365, etc.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Office Online + more
Supports over 60 storage connectors.

For users

  • Collaborate
  • Accelerate
  • Content Search
  • Securely share
  • Encrypt
  • Protect
  • At home or in the workplace

For business/IT

  • Improve remote and hybrid working experience
  • Transparent data compliance
  • Manage employee sprawl / shadow IT
  • Audit and track all file events
  • Set strict file sharing policies
  • Improve employee productivity
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