Hosted Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Edition

- Supports 60+ storage endpoints. (Enterprise edition req. for on-site storage)
- Encrypt files stored on Cloud with a private key
- Secure time expired, password protected file sharing
- Integrates with Active Directory for Single-Sign-On. (Enterprise edition req. for LDAP / SAML)
- Auditing and monitoring for Data Compliance
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Multi-Cloud Nasuni Access Anywhere Server

Supports online use as well as alternative on-site deployment.

Unifying information from different file stores and SaaS services to make files easier to securely share, access, search, and manage is what we view as a second generation Cloud challenge, that will need to be addressed by all companies and which we solve with our "Multi-Cloud Nasuni Access Anywhere Server".

Feature Overview

Unify File/Object Storage
  • Access/Store files on any cloud

    Amazon S3, OpenStack, Google Drive, Google Storage, DropBox, OneDrive, Office365 + many more.

  • Unify / Manage multiple clouds

    Many companies do not work with just one storage cloud. With the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server companies can use several and even multiple instances of the same service if they have more than one account. All data is seen in a unique single view.

  • Track Compliance

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server has built in event auditing and Policies to enable it track an record compliance events across storage endpoints.

  • Easily move existing Cloud Data

    Although the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server easily enables Company's to access existing storage data sometimes Company's just wish to move from one storage service to another. Hard? No, not with the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server's Rclone integration which easily lets Companies move files from one storage provider to another.

On-Premises Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Edition

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server is available for Enterprise as a deployable software appliance with more features, more application integrations and more local file and object storage integration.

The solution is also available for OEM / White label.

  • Product combines Storage / Intranet / Collaboration

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides a unique workspace that is not just a storage service but uses data as a means to collaborate and integrate with other services.

  • Never send another file in an email attachment

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides advanced file sharing features which include secure sharing of files over email direct from Outlook / Mac Mail / GMail. Each file also has its own unique URL. File shares can also be set to expire after a number of days for safety.

  • Collaboration WorkSpaces

    Each user has the ability create collaboration WorkSpaces in which users can be invited to share content. Each member can, if required, be given permission to share content with the group and the group can be configured for all members to see each other, or not. When new files are uploaded to the group all member get an automated email informing them of the new content. It is a great way to deal with partner networks, or geographically distributed working groups.

  • Built in Messaging

    Messaging is built into the platform so you can send each other messages directly from the web or windows platforms.

  • Online Office Integration

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server integrates with Zoho office and Microsoft Office online for a secure document editing experience for any Cloud Storage.

  • Fax Integration

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server integrates with the Interfax service which enables users to send documents as faxes directly from the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server service. An Interfax account is needed.

  • Shared Folders

    The shared folders feature enables special folders to be set that all users in the company will see and access the content of these folders. This is a great way to store common company data and ensure that all users have access to company content such as Marketing, Human Resource literature etc.

  • Data Workflow rules

    Rules can be set on data so that you get emailed if new files are uploaded to a specific folder, or file versions changes. Admins can filter on certain types of file extensions or set all file extensions.

  • Built in PDF Annotation

    Need to annotate a PDF and share it with a colleague ? Or need to Annotate a PDF and save it and send to a colleague ? You can do both with the built in PDF Annotation feature

  • Gain access to files when needed

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides an "always on" web client and also other ways to interact with the service.

    These include a sophisticated suite of Windows, Mac and Linux Apps that provide a virtual drive, a dedicated application explorer, desktop sync tools, and which also integrate with Microsoft Office and Open Office.

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server also provides support for the iPad/iPhone and Android.
  • Best of Breed Online Integrations

    In addition to offering desktop integration with Microsoft Office / Open Office the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server also integrates with best of breed online services for editing and viewing data.

  • Intuitive Web File Manager Interface

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides a hierarchical file manager interface built to work with large data sets across cloud services and which is designed responsively so it works across various tablets and mobile devices..

  • GDPR

    Satisfy GDPR best effort data security and policy enforcement for all corporate data.

  • On the wire encryption

    HTTPS is used for all connections by default.

  • Secure Files

    All files can be made secure using managed encryption, even if the underlying storage cloud does not support encryption. Managed encryption means that only the user who assigned the key knows it. It is not stored on the service.

    Any shared files that are encrypted will need to have a key entered for file access. This can also be centralised so the administrator of the Cloud sets the encryption key for all users and encryption is then transparent for all team users.
  • Document Upload Location

    For some companies, where they were when their data was stored is important. To this end the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server supports a GEO Location features for all document uploads which records the IP address and Town / Country of Origin, and the IP Address Town / Destination Country where the upload is accepted.

  • Versioning

    Versioning can be turned on above any Cloud. Versioned files viewed in the web interface will be shown using the unique "visual versioning" feature.

  • Event Auditing / e-Discovery

    Event Auditing monitors all file events across all data sets and provides a non tamper set of logs that can also be used to satisfy GDPR subject access requests on file access.

  • Advanced Business Continuity features

    Companies can choose to have your data stored in a nominated Primary Public Cloud and have it automatically backed up to a Secondary Cloud to ensure data is always available when needed. If the Primary is down, the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server will retrieve data from the Secondary to enable complete business continuity.

  • Email Backup

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides an email backup service that is easy to use and also integrates with Microsoft Outlook. The emails are sorted by date and month and stored as files that can be searched and accessed from your File Manager.

  • Ransomware Protection

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server's Forever File feature can enable continuous Ransomware protection.

  • Built in Administration functionality

    Each team account has be default a Cloud Administrator.

  • Administer Users

    The Administrator can add and delete users as well as configuring user permissions for file and directory access. Active Directory or LDAP support is built in to enable Single Sign On with existing Domain systems.

  • Administer Security

    The Administrator can set various options related to security including strong passwords, logon attempts, two factor authentication, GEO access restrictions etc.

  • Administer Notifications

    Choose whether notifications are enabled and for which file events.

  • Administer File Audit Events

    Decide how granular file events are and whether they are logged for all user.

  • Audit Watch

    Set an Audit Watch on files for real time event updates.

  • Administer a variety of other options

    Such as whether file versioning is turned on or off, whether versioned files are visible in clients, whether versioning occurs if editing happens through online editing, and a variety of other options.


The service is available on a monthly subscription.

Please contact us for further details or to arrange a trial and see our pricing page to sign up.

Tel: +448006899094 ext. 1 for Sales