Personal Cloud

The Personal Cloud enables you to connect multiple Cloud File Services and be able to view and manage your files in a single file system from either Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux Operating Systems.
As of April 2018, the Personal Plan is no longer available. Please use the 1 user Business Plan as an alternative.

Personal Cloud

brings the cloud into your desktop

The Personal Cloud enables you to aggregate up to 30 Storage Clouds and manage all your Cloud Storage through a 'Cloud File System' direct from your desktop, FTP or WebDav.

Windows, Mac, Linux, FTP, WebDav
license grants use of Apps on 2 PC's for each OS for 1 user

Mobile Apps

Apps for all devices
Find out more about Storage Made Easy for organizations or browse all of our cloud tool integration.

Storage Cloud Support:

Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Storage, Google Sites, Amazon S3, iCloud, Microsoft Live Mesh (read only), Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Azure Blob Storage, Box, RackSpace Cloud Files, OpenStack Swift, Gmail-as-a-Cloud, Email-as-a-Cloud, Mezeo, HP Object Cloud Storage, S3 compliant Clouds such as (Eucalyptus Walrus), Ubuntu One Cloud, iKeepinCloud, PogoPlug, BaseCamp SaaS Service, IBM Connections Files, Dell EMC ECS, Office365, SharePoint, CloudMe,, Scality, Alfresco (on-premise),Zimbra Briefcase, SafeSync(WebDav enabled), FilesAnywhere (WebDav enabled), SugarSync, Dump Truck, Memset Memstore, and any WebDav enabled Cloud.

Personal Cloud also includes CloudFTP & CloudDav access


  • Get access to your cloud files directly from your Desktop
  • Supports Windows, Mac & Linux. Ideal if work on more than one OS
  • Access & manage all your cloud files from one virtualised cloud directory view
  • Advanced Cloud Search feature that can search across multiple clouds from files
  • Integrated into your existing file system and accessible from a network Cloud Drive
  • Removes 1 GB bandwidth limitation of free account
  • Adds Web SSL Support, File Resume, Cloud cache refresh scheduling

Manage Your Files

Virtual Cloud File System
You can view up to 30 storage clouds in a 'virtual cloud file system' directly from your desktop

  • Desktop Cloud Files Access: Access your files directly from the Windows/Mac/Linux File explorer and using a virtual Cloud drive
  • Use FTP or WebDav You can access any Cloud or File Provider you add over WebDav or FTP even if the cloud providers do not normally support these protocols!
  • Upload Locally: You can easily drag and drop files to your storage Cloud or use the command line even
  • Sync: Windows, Mac, and Linux all feature graphical Sync solutions to sync files to/from the Cloud
  • Secure Files: You can assign files a password as an advanced security feature which ensures the files are encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption

Personal / Business file sharing

Collaboration Groups:
The Windows Apps feature direct access to Collaboration Groups for group files sharing. This feature will appear in later versions of the Mac and Linux tools.

  • Email Easily share files over email with unique file links
  • URL Link: Obtain a link for any file for use in other applications.
  • Cloud Clipboard: You can share file links over email for multiple files, even stored on different Clouds, by adding them to the unique Cloud Clipboard (currently windows only)
  • WordPress and FaceBook Easily share your files on WordPress or Facebook
  • File RSS Feed Have an RSS Feed that friends/ colleagues / partners can subscribe to receive file streams and file updates
  • Cloud Cache File are cached for speed but you can easily refresh your cloud view