Storage Made Easy Enterprise Cloud Backup Tools

Windows Enterprise Cloud Backup App

  • Dedicated Enterprise Cloud Backup Tool for Windows
  • Works with Entperise Cloud Providers: Amazon S3, Google Storage, RackSpace, OpenStack Swift, and Eucalyptus Walrus Cloud Files
  • Enables direct rapid backup to supported clouds
  • Unchanged files are not re-uploaded. Only changed files are uploaded
  • Optmisied for quick upload
  • Upload direct to Cloud Provider and offers option to sync with Storage Made Easy on completion
  • View / Manage your files
  • Ligehtweight and fast
The Windows Enterprise Cloud Backup Tools support:

- Amazon S3
- RackSpace Cloud Files
- Google Storage
- OpenStack Swift
- Eucalyptus Walrus

The aim of the product is to provide a very simple tool to aid users in uploading a folder structure or file structure to one of the Enterprise Cloud and ensuring all files are uploaded and versions are kept in sync.

There are many times when we have been approacked by user who just want a simple tool to easily backup large volumes of files to S3, Cloud Files or Google Storage on public clouds, and Swift and Walrus on private Clouds. This is exactly what this tool offers, a simple mechanism to backup files from your windows desktop and also view / download them.

This tool does not actually require you to have a Storage Made Easy account. You can use the tool with only your cloud credentials for direct upload without going through the Storage Made Easy Cloud Gateway. The uploads have been optmised for speed. If you do enjoy the benefit of a Storage Made Easy account then you can choose to synchronise the file meta data with your SME Account after direct upload has completed.

When you backup a folder and file structure only new files are updated, files that have not been updated are skipped. This makes it easy to restart interrupted upload or backups.

If you have accounts with Amazon S3, Google Storage and RackSpace Cloud Files, you can use this tool to work with all these Clouds (including deleting and creating buckets / containers), and swapping between them.