Storage Made Easy Windows Cloud Apps Suite

Storage Made Easy Windows Cloud Desktop Tools
  • Fully compatible with all verisons of Windows from Windows 7 onwards.
  • Dedicated Cloud Explorer, Cloud Drive, and dropbox like folder sync
  • Integrated into Microsoft Office, Open Office / Libre Office and Microsoft Outlook
  • View 50+ clouds in one Cloud File System**
  • Network Cloud drive available from 'My Computer'
  • Sophisticated Sync Application can handle several folder to cloud Syncs.
  • Windows Shell Integration
  • Dedicated Email to Cloud Backup App
  • Backup Contacts from MicroSoft Outlook

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The Windows Cloud tools are available as part of the SME the Personal Cloud, Business Cloud or Enterprise Cloud Accounts.

For free accounts, the Personal Cloud or business cloud saas accounts also removes the bandwidth restriction of the free account and also adds access to all Storage Clouds.

The Windows Cloud Apps Suite supports the following Storage Clouds:

Google Drive, Google Storage, Google Sites, Amazon S3, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Azure Blob Storage, Box, RackSpace Cloud Files, OpenStack Swift, Softlayer, Gmail, Email (IMAP), SwiftStack, HP Object Cloud Storage, S3 compliant Clouds such as (Eucalyptus Walrus), Mirantis, iKeepinCloud, PogoPlug, BaseCamp, IBM Connections Files, Dell EMC ECS Atmos, Office365, SharePoint, CloudMe,, Scality, Alfresco (on-premise),Zimbra Briefcase, SafeSync(WebDav enabled), FilesAnywhere (WebDav enabled), and any FTP or WebDav enabled Cloud.

You can find further details of the features and functionality of the Windows Cloud Tools at the Cloud Tools Wiki pages.

Want to try a version for Free? Install our free traditional Cloud Explorer for your windows desktop or our Tablet optimised Cloud explorer (Note the tablet optimised App only works with Windows 8 or Windows 10).