Enterprise File Share and Sync for Amazon S3™

Amazon S3™ (Simple Storage Service)

is an online storage web service offered by
Amazon Web Services. Amazon S3 uses the
same scalable storage infrastructure that Amazon.com uses to run its own global e-commerce network, and provides scalability, high availability, and low latency at commodity costs.
Storage Made Easy provides an Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS) Platform for the Amazon S3™ scalable storage platform (and for Amazon S3 compatible storage).

Amazon provides a development toolkit to enable access to Amazon S3™, and organises data in containers that are called Buckets. These are not intuitive when working with data. Storage Made Easy overlays a file system on top of Amazon S3™ which provides users the real look and feel of a genuine file system. This means users can create folders inside of buckets without having to create a new bucket.

Storage Made Easy also enables access from "Cloud Drives" on Mac, Windows and Linux desktops to enable users to access Amazon just as they would a normal network mapped drive. The SME Solution also supports secure access to Amazon data from any mobile device, and SME supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

User access can be controlled, monitored and logged using the SME governance controls. Amazon S3 is also enhanced with a visual permission wizard, Active Directory / LDAP integration, full audit logging, GEO restriction, BYOD controls, and Audit Watch features for real time file alerts.

All Amazon S3™ regions are supported and other Amazon features can also be managed such as bucket creation, folder creation, reduced redundancy control and also Amazon S3's encryption control.

The SME software solution is offered as a hosted service by Storage Made Easy, on 3rd party infrastructure such as Amazon EC2 (IaaS), or as a software Appliance that can run in a customer’s own data center or on-site.

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EFSS features added to Amazon S3

    For full details Download our white paper Download Amazon S3 WhitePaper

  • File System: SME places a true file manager on top of S3 so companies can work with data more intuitively.
  • WebDav & FTP: Storage Made Easy provides a protocol gateway to enable access to S3 files over FTP, WebDav and SFTP.
  • Multiple Clients: Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry clients available.
  • Visual Permissioning: We place a true visual permissioning console in the hands of administrators to make it easy to work with S3 from a user access control perspective.
  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration: Full integration and single sign-on with Active Directory and LDAP.
  • File Versioning: Versioning is built into the Storage Made Easy platform. If the same filename is uploaded to the same folder, the new file will be versioned.
  • Encryption: Remote files can be encrypted using public/private key AES 256 bit encryption in which only the company holds the key.
  • Advanced Secure File Sharing: Securely share Amazon S3 files with time expiry and password protection.
  • GEO Location Controls: GEO Location Recording: Storage Made Easy can record the location when a file is uploaded and also the endpoint location of where it was stored. This can be important from a regulatory perspective.
  • File Event Auditing Storage Made Easy supports granular file event auditing with associated IP Address. Reports are searchable and obtainable as excel reports or can be output as SysLog format for integration with tools such as Splunk.
  • Data Classification: SME enables file tagging to group files, to help organize and find files.
  • Recycle Bin: Storage Made Easy supports a recycle bin file recovery concept in case of accidental file deletion.
  • Full File Content Search: Searches can search within files stored in Amazon S3 due to integration with Apache SOLR. Find out more.
  • Amazon Zocalo Alternative: Zocalo alternative that works with existing Amazon S3 Accounts.
  • Amazon Gov Cloud Ready: Works with Amazon GovCloud.

Cloud Control Built in

Storage Made Easy makes Enterprise File Share and Sync is built upon its Cloud Control Gateway which provides Information Governance for files and documents.