Cloud FTP™ Enterprise Solution

Quick Overview
  • CloudFTP™ adds FTP / FTPS access to any Clouds which is added to a Storage Made Easy Account
  • Works even if the Storage Cloud you map to our service does not natively support FTP
  • A great way of being able to access your cloud files from any FTP client
  • Works with standard desktop and mobile FTP clients
  • Easy to setup and use
File Clouds Supported
  • Google Sites, Google Drive, Google Storage, GMail
  • Amazon S3, RackSpace (UK & US), OpenStack, EMC Atmos, Ceph, S3 compatible Clouds such as Eucalyptus
  • Microsoft OneDrive, Azure Blob Storage, Microsoft SharePoint, Office365
  • DropBox, Box, Egnyte, Jive, Zimbra Briefcase, CIFS
  • Any WebDav enabled Cloud
  • + more

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. As the name suggests, FTP is normally used to transfer files between computers on a network. CloudFTP™ enables files to be transferred to Storage Clouds even when they do not natively support FTP!

As Storage Made Easy provides an FTP protocol adaptor it is able to support the FTP protocol for any public or private cloud storage that is added to the SME solution.


What if the cloud storage does not support FTP? It does not matter, the Storage Made Easy FTP protocol adaptor enables any cloud to be accessed from standard FTP clients even if the connected cloud does not support FTP!

Why is this useful? Many companies require FTP support but still want to use services such as Amazon S3, RackSpace etc. The Storage Made Easy solution enables companies to use such services and still provide FTP support.

For example Google Drive, Amazon S3, , SharePoint, OneDrive, Office365 etc don't natively support FTP, but using CloudFTP companies can expose access to such services over any standard FTP client.

How do you obtain CloudFTP™? CloudFTP™ is also provided with the Storage Made Easy Enterprise on-premise or IaaS Appliances.

What does it work with? It works where FTP works, so users can use any standard FTP client.

What FTP clients has it been tested with?It has been tested with Cyberduck, Transmit, CODA, Krusader, Filezylla, Default ubuntu ftp client, Total Commander, Windows default FTP client, Captain FTP and others. It should work with any FTP client but if you have a problem let us know.

How to configure CloudFTP™? Please see the CloudFTP wiki entry for further information.


Trial Request: Take a trial or contact us for further information.

Now Available as an IL2 / IL3 compliant FTP service on UK Government G-Cloud Please see here for further information.