ForeverFile Archive and Recovery

ForeverFile Archive and Recovery

ForeverFile™ is a highly available and ransomware protection feature that continuously protects data, wherever it is stored. It is available with the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server™ platform from Nasuni Access Anywhere Server™

Organizations are grappling with the exponential growth of unstructured data. They are managing every more data silos across desktops, mobile devices, in data centers and increasingly in third-party cloud storage and applications. Additionally, new storage technologies offer new options for hosting, backing up and archiving data.

ForeverFile pairs an active storage space with a secondary storage space. The secondary storage space is constantly kept in sync with the primary at the file level. The primary and secondary storage spaces are typically in different locations and may also be different storage technologies. For example, a local filesystem could be paired with a backup in a public object store.

  • High Availability

    Insulate critical data access from provider and network failures by retaining an active duplicate with a different vendor.

  • File History

    Keep track of the version history of critical documents. The historical file history is logged in real-time to secondary storage or the cloud.

  • Quick Recovery

    End users can restore files themselves from the file history - no need to send a request to IT or recover backup archives.

  • Ransomware Protection

    A comprehensive audit trail to identify when, who and what was compromised.


  • No Proprietary Backups

    Store backup data in the same file and folder hierarchy as the primary - as discrete files. External applications have direct access to the backup storage system without IT having to reconstitute the files first.

  • No Agents

    No installation is required for primary or backup storage providers. Over 60 data sources supported including CIFS, NFS and object storage.

  • Retention Ready

    Support immutable storage and retention policies from IBM Cloud Storage, Wasabi and others that guarantee that files can't be removed or updated for a specified period of time.

  • Virus Protection

    All incoming data must pass through an AntiVirus scanner. Malicious content is rejected immediately, never entering the system.

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