Linux Enterprise File Share and Sync Apps

Storage Made Easy Linux Cloud Tools: Unify your Cloud Files
  • Linux Apps are FREE for non commercial use
  • Each SaaS account comes with 5GB free hosted on Amazon S3
  • 'Virtual' Cloud Drive for Linux OS
  • Graphical Cloud File explorer that enables access to multiple clouds from one 'cloud' file system
  • Upload / Download / Manage cloud files directly from Linux Desktop
  • Graphical synchronisation tools for Linux to keep files in sync with your cloud
  • Works with over 45 Storage Clouds including Amazon S3, RackSpace, OpenStack, Google Storage, Google Drive, DropBox, Cloudian, CleverSafe etc
  • Works in existing file explorers and command line
  • Change Storage providers as easy as changing directories!
  • Unified View / Management of files
  • Available for different versions of Linux
  • Interested in more? See here as to how your company can run your own Private Cloud Appliance on Linode / EC2 or on-premise

The Storage Made Easy Linux App Suite can be used as part of the Storage Made Easy Private Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution or as part of the online Personal and Business Cloud Solutions.

The suite is comprised of an integrated Cloud Drive (that uses FUSE), a graphical Cloud File Explorer and also Sync tools to sync cloud files to/from the Linux desktop.

Dependent upon the SME solution being used, the Linux Cloud App suite can work with over 50 private and public Cloud Storage and SaaS providers.

You can also use the SME Graphical Cloud File explorer or use the Cloud drive directly from the command line. If you use your own file explorers then you can also use the Cloud Drive from there. One of our personal favorites is Midnight Commander which works very nicely with the Linux Cloud Drive!

The sync tools enable file synchronisation from the Linux desktop to the cloud and vice versa. They also support scheduling.

This is version 4.9.4 last updated in October 2018 (List of updates can be found here), which is free to use. Encryption features, the ability to sync more than 3 folders, and access to support is only available to Personal Cloud, Business Cloud, or Enterprise Cloud accounts.


Please visit the Linux Wiki page for more information on using the Linux Apps.

If you have questions also check out the Linux FAQ section.