M-Stream File Transfer Acceleration

Read how the media group at UK Premier League Football Club Arsenal F.C. has adopted the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server to help with their media data management.

Large File Transfer Acceleration

Transferring large files can be labor intensive and slow. When files are too big to email, unreliable networks, limited disk space, and heterogeneous systems can thwart end users who want to move multi-gigabyte files from one system to another as easily as they move office documents.

M-Stream™ File Transfer Acceleration speeds up the uploading, downloading and copying of very big files. Large files are split into pieces, sent in parallel over multiple streams, and reassembled back into a contiguous file or object at the target. In this way M-Stream maximizes network bandwidth, minimizes network latency, and increases resiliency, particularly for wide area networks.
M-Stream is activated when moving and copying large files, folders and objects. It's supported both in Nasuni Access Anywhere Server desktop tools (uploading and downloading) and in the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server appliance itself (copying data server-to-server).

  • Large Files On Demand

    Users want to move large files to and from their workstations quickly and reliably. It might be for local consumption or editing. They don’t want to wait.

  • Storage Tiering

    More information can be moved to lower cost, (colder) storage with the assurity it can be brought quickly to high performance storage when needed for processing.

  • Backup and Archive

    End users need to be able to recover large files backed up or archived on storage clouds both private and public including AWS, IBM, Google and Azure storage clouds.

  • Data Migration

    With server-to-server transfer powered by M-Stream, end users a drag and drop files and objects between different file systems, object stores and clouds.


  • Multiple Providers

    M-Stream supports CIFS/SMB, NFS, OpenStack Swift and S3-Compatible storage including Ceph, IBM COS and Google Cloud Storage.

  • Cross Cloud

    M-Stream is used for file transfers between different data stores including between file systems and object stores, across storage tiers, between data centers, and across private and public clouds.

  • No Agents

    No installation is required for storage providers. Native CIFS, NFS and object storage APIs are used, including, where supported, MPU and DLO.

  • Desktop Tools

    Server-to-server transfers can be managed from Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android applications and the web. Desktop applications supporting M-Stream uploads and downloads are available for Windows and Mac. A Linux application is in development.

  • Access Control & Limits

    Fine grained access controls can be set by administrators or delegates. Restrictions can also be set for bandwidth and storage used.

  • Audit Log

    Full tamperproof traceability of downloads - who, what, when and where. Set up real-time “audit watch” alerts to monitor downloads that match file and folder patterns.

Server to Desktop

The democratization of technology can be both liberating and frustrating. It’s liberating when end users can use the cloud as limitless secondary storage, or can recover their own files from an off-site backup or archive. But moving around very large files can be slow, difficult and altogether frustrating.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server desktop tools for Windows and Mac use M-Stream to support downloading and uploading large files up to ten times more quickly. The Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder can be used to fetch or upload large files on demand. A desktop cloud explorer is also available.

Server to Server

Whether migrating files between different systems, or across tiers for processing, ad-hoc transfers of large volumes of data, can be very difficult. A user would first download a file onto their local desktop (if there’s enough room). Only when that’s successful can an upload to the target server begin, and fingers crossed an unreliable network doesn’t derail the upload too. IT may help, but it might take days for a request to be fulfilled.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server allows end users to move files and folders between data stores as easily as dragging and dropping through the File Explorer. The operation itself is performed asynchronously by the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Server. This offloads the work from the desktop (or mobile device) and takes advantage of data center network bandwidth. With M-Stream™ these operations happen up to ten times faster.

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