Fully UK based Storage and File Protection solution to satisfy GDPR compliance


GDPR compliance for UK and European companies

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server's Nasuni Access Anywhere Server in conjunction with Memset’s secure Cloud hosting and storage deliver a reliable, high security file cloud solution, UK based, for the private and public sectors.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server simplifies data compliance and user collaboration through a single pane of glass that supports over 60 different data sources. It works with what companies already use and additionally enables companies to store files in a fully secure UK Cloud based storage provider.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides technology to discover any sensitive personal data that users may inadvertently upload and notify nominated personnel. Despite being deployed on-cloud the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server can integrate with corporate identity management solutions such as Active Directory and LDAP for single-sign-on.

Additionally, the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server can enforce IT policies and security controls across content to satisfy compliance regimes such as GDPR, and to protect from security threats, such as Ransomware attacks.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution is now available on Memset’s OpenStack powered Cloud. Memset’s data centres are all within the UK, guaranteeing company data will never leave the UK, making the combination of the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server and Memset the ideal solution for UK/EU file share and data processing.

Memset’s high-performance object storage service is based on proven, enterprise open source technology and takes advantage of multiple layers of security controls, maximising its security profile. Their flash caching layer means that regularly accessed files are served and saved at the maximum possible speed, whilst their automated replication systems ensure that the underlying data is always available and fault tolerant.


  • Fully UK based storage and infrastructure hosting of the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server.

  • Secure tracked file sharing with people inside and outside of a company.

  • Setup geographical IP controls to control where data can be accessed from.

  • Archiving of business critical data to multiple UK based data centres.

  • Access files in a secure way from Web, Desktops, and Mobile devices.

  • Transparently encrypt data at-rest using FIPS certified encryption.

Benefits of using the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server and Memset

  • Collaborate and share

    Team shared folders, collaboration groups, and secure file sharing converts will boost productivity of your team, all within secure bounds meeting your compliance regulations like the GDPR.

  • Never lose that file again

    The powerful file versioning, trash, and ForeverFile™ (backup) features, combined with Memset’s site redundancy means you’ll never lose access to that file again.

  • Secure and fast storage

    Memset's high-grade, Government approved storage combined with the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server's access control, provides you with secure storage, that enables fast file access at your finger tips.

  • Detect sensitive data

    Holding sensitive personal information incorrectly put's you at risk of a GDPR fine or even a data breach. The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server can detect where you have personal information, highlight it to you, and enforce policies based on this.