Securely work with Amazon S3 Data

Worried about security breaches ? Lock down your S3 data with the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server

Create secure password protected links with
time expiry and download limits

Securely share Password protected buckets or folders


When using Amazon S3, it's best practice to restrict access to your resources to the people that absolutely need it. The problem is that when companies want to share files they forget to lock down the access again.

With the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server access is always locked and any sharing is done through the security abstraction of the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server. Consider it like a security blanket for your S3 files.

Additionally, new compliance legislation such as GDPR, requires companies to understand 'who' has accessed 'what' and 'when'.

You can enable Cloud Trail of course but the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides sophisticated event access logs that make it easy to satisfy legislative procedure such as Subject Access Request's.

Additionally the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides enforcement policies to lock down what users can and cannot do to prevent an issues occurring from the onset.

Additionally it is possible to exposes S3 stored data through a secure protocol such as FTPS, SFTP or secure WebDav, and even secure access to it using existing company Identity Access Management solutions such as Active Directory or LDAP.

Secure S3 Files

  • Ultra Secure File Sharing: No public buckets here ! Lock down S3 data and securely share using password protection, time expiry and limit the number of downloads.
  • FIPS Certified Encryption: Ability to stream encrypt files using AES 256 bit encryption (optional).
  • IP Security Controls Restrict S3 content access to specific IP addresses or IP ranges.
  • Compliance Policies: Compliance policies to enable better compliance with compliance regimes such as GDPR.
  • Audit Event Logging: Event logging of S3 file events with export to Excel to easily satisfy compliance procedures such as Subject Access Requests.
  • Share Folder Securely: Share password protected folder links that enable to access or upload files to an S3 bucket or folder.
  • Multi-Channel Access: Works on the web, desktop or mobile devices.