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Enable end users to directly use Amazon S3 as Primary Storage

The Enterprise File Fabric™ solution from Storage Made Easy® unifies and provides secure multi-user access to Amazon S3 and also other cloud and on-premises storage platforms.

The File Fabric enables end users to access S3 data from "Cloud Drives" on Mac, Windows and Linux desktops just as they would access a normal office network mapped drive. Secure web and mobile access is also supported.

All Amazon S3 regions are supported, including AWS GovCloud (US). The File Fabric can manage S3 bucket creation, folder creation, reduced redundancy control and encryption.

The Enterprise File Fabric enables companies to leverage their investment in commodity object storage and quickly enable secure on-demand end user access.


The Enterprise File Fabric may be deployed to the AWS Cloud, or on any public cloud or virtualization platform. For evaluation and smaller environments, the solution is typically deployed as a single virtual machine.

This is an example of a larger high availability deployment on AWS Cloud supporting thousands of users, with millions or even billions of objects under management:

Feature Highlights

  • Virtual File System

    Cloud storage can be accessed as a familiar network drive, allowing users to work with data directly with the desktop tools and applications they are used to. Organizations can preserve investments in file-based applications and processes as they move to the cloud, significantly reducing migration costs and risk.

  • Content Search & Transcription

    Users can find files, folders and media the first time by searching through a single index of all unstructured data. File metadata, content and classification tags are all indexed. Users only see search results they have permission to see.

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  • Secure File / Folder Sharing

    Securely share Amazon S3 folders (aka prefixes) and files with expiration and download limits, password protection, and auditing, configured as for your corporate policy.

  • No Vendor Lock In

    Unlike other cloud storage solutions, the Enterprise File Fabric does not transcode or change file names or content. The solution is completely open and co-exists with external applications using the same data through native cloud APIs.

  • Cloud Sync

    The Enterprise File Fabric provides native file sync from S3 Storage to business desktops for Mac, Windows and Linux, and for iOS and Android devices.

  • Single Point of Compliance

    The Enterprise File Fabric provides a single point of control for data access, sharing, and governance. Capabilities such as fine-grained access control, the ability to enforce corporate policies directly, and full event auditing are critical for corporate oversight over the public cloud. Policies also support the management and discovery of personal data supporting GDPR, HIPPA and CCPA.

  • Content Discovery

    Content discovery provides continuous real-time monitoring of PII data and can be adapted to monitor other types of information.

  • Visual Access Control

    The Enterprise File Fabric provides a comprehensive, role and user-based, filesystem authorization management console for administrators to make it easy to manage and delegate access to S3 Object Storage. Roles can be tied to the corporate directory. No more complex IAM or bucket policies!

  • Single-Sign-On

    Full integration, role-synchronization and single sign-on with Active Directory, LDAP, SAML and ADFS.

  • Ubiquitous API Access

    The Enterprise File Fabric adds an SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV interface to Google Cloud Storage.

  • M-Stream File Acceleration

    M-Stream® file transfer acceleration speeds the upload and download of files into Amazon S3. It does this by splitting files into multiple parallel streams maximizing network bandwidth.

  • Data Safety

    File versioning, locking, trash and virus scanning are provided by File Fabric platform on top of Amazon S3. These are critical capabilities that allow users or IT to recover from accidentally writing over or removing a file. A backup provider seamlessly mirrors all file updates to another region or cloud vendor for security against ransomware and site unavailability.

  • Encryption

    Remote files can be encrypted using public/private key AES 256-bit encryption in which only the company holds the key or can use S3's SSE-C feature.

Need a lighter option? Desktop Drive's and Explorer Apps for S3

  • S3 Drive for Amazon S3

    A standalone Drive for Mac and Windows is also available that enables users to mount and interact with Amazon S3 as a local disk. Users can browse and open remote files with desktop applications including the Microsoft Office Suite.

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  • S3 Explorer for Amazon S3

    A standalone Explorer desktop application is also available that allows users to interact with Amazon S3 through a familiar file explorer like interface. From the menu, or using drag and drop, users can easily upload, download and delete files and folders. Copying, moving and renaming objects and folders is also supported.

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