Nasuni Access Anywhere Server and Backblaze

Why Nasuni Access Anywhere Server and Backblaze?

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server has partnered with Backblaze to provide enhanced file services for B2 Cloud Storage. The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server platform gives end-users easy, secure, remote access to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage through file-oriented interfaces and tools, adding single-sign-on, search, collaboration, high-speed transfers and a virtual filesystem. All this under an Enterprise-grade security and compliance framework.

Key Features

  • Single Point of Compliance

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides a single point of control for data access, sharing, and governance. Capabilities such as fine-grained access control, the ability to enforce corporate policies directly, and full event auditing are critical for corporate oversight over the public cloud. Policies also support the management and discovery of personal data supporting GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA.

  • File System

    B2 Cloud Storage can be accessed as a familiar network drive, allowing users to work with data directly with the desktop tools and applications they are used to. Organizations can preserve investments in file-based applications and processes as they move to the cloud, significantly reducing migration costs and risk.

  • Content Discovery / Content Search

    Content discovery provides continuous real-time monitoring of PII data and can be adapted to monitor other types of information. Content search indexes all files to provide a private search capability for corporate files.

  • Cloud Sync

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides native file sync from B2 Cloud Storage to desktops for Mac, Windows and Linux, and for iOS and Android devices.

  • M-Stream

    M-Stream provides accelerated upload and download of files into Backblaze. It does this by splitting files into multiple streams and it is tuned to work with the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server desktop clients.

  • Cloud Drives

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides Cloud Drives for Mac, Windows and Linux that mount Backblaze directly into the business desktop.

  • Visual Access Control

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides a comprehensive, role and user-based, filesystem authorization management console for administrators to make it easy to manage and delegate access to B2 Cloud Storage. Roles can be tied to the corporate directory.

  • Data Safety

    File versioning, locking, trash and virus scanning are provided by Nasuni Access Anywhere Server platform on top of B2 Cloud Storage. These are critical capabilities that allow users or IT to recover from accidentally writing over or removing a file. A backup provider seamlessly mirrors all file updates to another region or cloud vendor for security against ransomware and site unavailability.

  • Content Search & Transcription

    Users can find files, folders and media the first time by searching through a single index of all unstructured data. File metadata, content and classification tags are all indexed. Google AI services can be used to add transcribed audio and tagged video scenes. Users only see search results they have permission to see.

  • Active Directory / LDAP / SAML SSO Integration

    Full integration and single sign-on with Active Directory.

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