Information Governance: Cloud Control for Company files

Information Governance and Cloud Control


Governance Features

  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration

    Nasuni Access Anywhere Server can integrate with Active Directory and also LDAP for secure user Single Sign On (SSO).

  • Secure File Sharing & Collaboration features

    Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides advanced file sharing features which include time expiry and password protection.

  • Access control and versioning

    Sophisticated access control and versioning is built in.

  • Encrypt Files

    All files can be made secure using encryption, even if the underlying storage cloud does not support encryption. Sensitive information stored in local storage or remote clouds can be securely encrypted.

  • GEO Locations restrictions

    Restrict access by GEO locations or IP address at an Appliance level or at an individual user level

  • Full File Event Auditing

    The Appliance has built in support for file event auditing in which compliance Audit reports can be searched, exported to Excel or output in Syslog format.

  • Bring Your Own Device Support

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution supports Bring Your Own Device Management out of the box and also integrates with Oracle Mobility device management solutions.

  • Set Audit Watches on Files

    Files and Folders can be set to have an Audit Watch. When an event occurs on these files or folders the administrator is instantly notified.

Document Security

  • Secure Documents

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution is document-centric and is an enabler for companies to easily access, manage, share and control important documents within, and outside the company, on any tablet, smartphone, or PC.

    SME adds an effective control point for multiple storage repositories be they inside the corporate firewall or in the cloud.



    HIPPA is a process as much as use of technology. The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution has been deployed in HIPPA compliant solutions, such as Veritext.

On-Premise Deployment

  • Deploy Anywhere

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution can be deployed on-premise or on IAAS. The on-premise option enables companies to keep content behind the company firewall, but still securely accessible.

    Deploying on-premise enables companies to work with their data on their infrastructure but still enabling a hybrid option for content protections that is stored outside of the company.

Content Connectors

  • 45+ Content Connectors

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution can be connected as required to content stored such as Google Drive, SharePoint, Alfresco, Documentum, OpenText, SalesForce, Amazon S3, CIFS etc. In all over 45 content connectors can be used.