Cookie Policy

Last Updated on May 16, 2018. This Cookie Policy is effective immediately for end users after that date.

This policy covers this website and all other sites (together, the Websites) and other services and applications (collectively, our "Services" as defined in our Privacy Policy) controlled by Vereha LTD, trading as Nasuni Access Anywhere Server (“we”, “us”).

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server, and third-party content providers we have approved, use cookies and other tracking technologies to remember information, for the duration of your visit (session cookies), or across repeat visits (persistent cookies). This information is used to remember what you have done, store your preferences, and in aggregate, to analyze activity and improve our Services. You may opt-out of analytics and other cookies not required for operation of the Services.

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Cookies


Functional cookies are necessary for operation of the hosted services.

Our Contact Us page saves data in cookies temporarily to be able to recover the form if you accidentally refresh the page.

Our documentation site ( uses one cookie (named DokuWiki). This cookie is a PHP session identifier which is used to avoid CSRF attacks.

Our service status site (, uses cookies to remember a user across page views and sessions respectively. To avoid cookies being stored beyond a visit the site can be viewed through a browser’s privacy mode.

If you are logged in to the hosted site and using our our web File Manager, cookies may be used to remember settings for when you return, such as what collapsible folders and panels were open, the arrangement of panels, and the last sort order. Cookies are also used to track when you choose "Do not show it again" for different informational messages.


Analytics cookies help us understand how visitors interact our websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Google Analytics stores information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on. This data is not tied to personally identifiable information by Nasuni Access Anywhere Server. You can find out more about Google's position on privacy as regards its analytics service here.


Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites including what companies they are from.

We use LeadLander ( to gather information from your browser, such as IP address, to combine with other information you may have provided to LeadLander through other websites to identify you and/or your company. For more information see their privacy policy.