Working with the team at Nasuni Access Anywhere Server has been a great experience and the product does exactly what it says on the tin, it makes it easy
"In an ever changing and more demanding media landscape we, as a media team, need to adapt quickly to new requirements and as a result, require tools and services that are flexible and easy to configure. The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server has already proven its worth and with its simple API, it was easy to integrate into our facility."
John Dollin
Arsenal F.C. senior media operations manager
SME's support has been truly outstanding
"We ran an extensive trial prior to choosing Nasuni Access Anywhere Server… we wanted a familiar, folder-based solution that would be easy for our people to use on their own."
David Richards
Application Specialist
"The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server from Nasuni Access Anywhere Server enabled us to have web scale remote access to our Nasuni SMB file shares, inclusive of Microsoft Teams support. This enabled us to retire a secondary remote access file sharing solution we were using from Egnyte"
Todd Dughman
Director of Information Technology
"The combination of Cloudian’s S3-compatible object storage systems and the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server is a strong proposition for strategic object use cases which require end user access. This is particularly true in the current environment with more workers requiring remote access to sensitive enterprise data."
Jon Toor
Cloudian CMO
"Nasuni Access Anywhere Server’s Nasuni Access Anywhere Server software is an important component of our IT infrastructure at Sema4. We appreciate the continued support from Nasuni Access Anywhere Server, which has been particularly helpful over recent months as we’ve rapidly built out a COVID-19 testing solution."
Sema4 is the Patient-Centered Health Intelligence Company
Anatol Blass
Senior Vice President of IT & Scientific Computing
The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server has streamlined processing for me and our users while providing options we never had before.
Yungchen Wang
system administrator for the ITRI environment
A selection of Nasuni Access Anywhere Server customers: