Enterprise File Fabric™ for Educational Institutions

The File Fabric can easily be integrated with an educational institution’s cloud infrastructure to manage and set governance, audit and access controls on files, in addition to providing deep content search of indexed data across any data point.

Secure Shared links

  • Set robust ultra-secure file sharing policies with passwords and permissions to access files, determine if/when a file link expires, and number of times a file can be accessed.

Shared Team folders

  • Create shared folders and group workspaces. Easily access from mobile, desktop and the web.

Comments and Approval Workflow

  • Users can collaborate in real-time on comments and document workflows across data silos with feedback and approvals.

Cloud File Editing

  • Automatically edit files from the Web UI in native desktop applications.

Microsoft Office Online

  • Users can use Microsoft Office Online directly in the SME File Fabric. It allows teams to work together in a variety of ways, from real-time collaborative editing to group task management.

File locking

  • Intelligently auto-locks when editing office documents.

Versioning and File history

  • Keep track of the version history of critical documents. The historical file history is logged in real-time to secondary storage or the cloud. End users can restore files themselves from the file history - no need to send a request to IT or recover backup archives.

File Auditing

  • A comprehensive file events audit trail to satisfy compliance regimes such as GDPR.

Quick Recovery (Ransomware protection)

  • It continuously archives data in real-time from one data store to another data store. Versions offer superior recovery options for enterprise users vs traditional point in time backups.

Content Search

  • Enable files across data sources to be categorized, indexed and searchable in real-time across +60 Private/Public Clouds and Storage Providers.

Data Discovery and automation rules

  • It manages personal information by automatically detecting PII in documents and alerting the organisation’s information security specialists or other designated users when different types of content are detected.

Web access & all devices (desktops, mobile, tablet)

  • The solution is available through a full suite of desktop, mobile and web applications across the gamut of the unified corporate storage.

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