The Enterprise File Fabric v LucidLink

​** Note that Storage Made Easy is in no-way affiliated with LucidLink™ and that this is an internal comparison of both products, at a point in time, and that you should conduct your own tests and speak to representatives of both companies to validate. ​
File Fabric LucidLink
Deployable On-Premises icon icon
Multi-Tenant icon icon
File Encryption icon
FIPS Certified (BYOE)
Third Party KeyServer (Hashicorp Vault)
At REST only
LucidLink owns/stores encryption keys
Secure File Sharing icon icon
Only for Team members. External users need to be a LucidLink user. Sharing links not supported.
Storage Support icon
60+ on-site / on-cloud storage connectors
Limited to certain object storage and SMB
Single Pane of Glass multi-cloud file management icon icon
Active Directory / LDAP / SAML IAM icon icon
Does not support SAML and SAML IDP
Mobile Device Management Options built-in icon icon
Ransomware Backup Protection built-in icon
More info
But does provide snapshot protection
Full File Event Auditing (What, When, Who, How) icon
Syslog option for Splunk integration / available as an Audit Stream
Protocol Gateway (FTP / SFTP / WebDav) icon icon
File Transfer Acceleration icon
M-Stream File Transfer acceleration - accelerate files up to 10x
Customization / Branding icon
Full Branding - Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps
PHI / PII / SPI Content Discovery icon
More info
Mac, Win Linux Cloud Drives icon icon
Mac, Win, Linux Sync icon icon
Outlook / Mac Mail / GMail Integration icon icon
Doc Editing
PDF Annotation
Zoho Office / Microsoft Office 365 Editing integration (inc. collaborative editing)
Built in PDF Annotator / Built in Text editor
CloudEdit - open from web & edit on desktop ​
NAS / SAN / SMB / NFS Connector icon
Access SMB files remotely
through web/mobile/desktop
Syncs permissions / No VPN Required
Rest API icon icon
Securely Share Folders (in addition to files) icon
Branded Folders can be shared to external users who can also share files
To share a folder, existing user needs to be a LucidLink user
Available on IaaS Clouds icon
Available from Amazon, Azure, Google Marketplace
Available on Azure
GEO Restrictions icon icon
Mobile OS compatibility Android, iOS, Mobile Web icon
Ant-Virus Support icon icon
Two Factor Authentication Support icon icon
File / Object Versioning Support icon icon
Just snapshot support
Proprietizes data icon
Full bi-modal access to stored data
Bi-Modal access to the data not possible
MS Teams / Slack App Integration icon icon
Indexed Content Search icon icon
Remote Office Branch Office Support icon icon

Key Solution Benefits

  • Promotes Secure Remote Working.

  • Best-of-breed App integrations including Microsoft Office / Office Online / Zoho Office / Outlook / Mac Mail + more.

  • Can be setup for secure FIPS encryption of ALL data, wherever stored.

  • Integrates into existing Company Identity Access Management solutions – LDAP, SAML, Active Directory.

  • No need to forgo Data Governance / Compliance due to home working – facilitates GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA.

  • PII discovery module protects against sensitive data getting out in the wild.

  • Multi Channel - Web, Desktop drives and Mobile Apps.

  • No need to rip and replace - works with what a Company already has

  • Accelerates transfer performance by a factor of 10X with M-Stream®'s multi-threaded uploads/downloads/ transfers.

  • A single namespace across locations eliminates management workload and complexity through a unified view of data.

  • Private drop box type experience provides remote working convenience while ensuring security and corporate governance.

  • Optimized for a number of vertical markets – Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail, Service Providers, Media and Entertainment.

Key Features

  • Collaboration

    Team collaboration with shared folders, virtual workspaces and file commenting.

  • Policy-based governance

    Set specific measurable and auditable governance options.

  • Real Time Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts of any file activity using the Audit Watch feature.

  • Geo-location recording

    Captures timing as well as source and endpoint locations of file transfer.

  • Accelerated file transfer performance

    M-Stream® multi-threaded, parallel data stream, accelerates large file downloads, uploads, and tiering. Read more about M-Stream® here.

  • Secure File Sharing

    Establish passwords and permissions to access files, determine if/when a file link expires, and the number of times a file can be accessed.

  • File archive

    End users can easily restore versions or backups on demand using the ForeverFile feature.

  • File locking, versioning, and comments

    Prevents inadvertent end-user data loss and provides enhanced collaboration.

More information

More white papers and downloadable collateral can be found here