Microsoft Office Online Integration

Editing documents with Microsoft Office Online and the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server integrates with Microsoft Office Online to help teams to work together in a variety of ways, from real-time collaborative editing to group task management, by unifying corporate on-cloud and on-premises storage into a single gloal file interface making it easier and more secure for end users to access data from desktops and mobile devices.

More than 60 storage and data clouds such as Amazon S3, Cloudian, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Storage, are securely integrated into enterprise ecosystems, allowing users to securely collaborate in real-time editions of document formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Single-user edit mode directly from the web browser, as well as a multi-user real time collaboration edit mode.

  • Shared folders, ultra secure file sharing, synchronization and collaboration are available through a full suite of desktop, mobile and web applications across the gamut of the unified corporate storage.

  • Files edited using the integration can be transparently encrypted using FIPS certified encryption.

  • Corporate IT gains governance and compliance controls such as monitoring and auditing that work from a single point across their corporate data estate.

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