Enterprise File Share and Sync for Mirantis

Enterprise File Share and Sync for Mirantis

Use Mirantis as an Enterprise File Share
and Sync (EFSS) solution

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Open Cloud Platform provides a unique integration with Mirantis that enables ISP's and enterprises to rapidly leverage Mirantis object storage.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server software Appliance enables business to rapidly take advantage of Mirantis with support for a business ready Web File Manager, cloud drive integration into Mac, Windows, Linux Desktop's, and also instant access to files via Android and iPhone/iPad mobile clients.

Mirantis provides an API to enable access to Mirantis files, and organises data in containers. AN API is not intuitive for business users when working with data. Nasuni Access Anywhere Server overlays a file system on top of Mirantis which users are familiar with.

The Platform also optionally enables other Clouds to be integrated such as native local data (CIFS / NFS), or even other cloud data (Office 365, Salesforce, SharePoint etc), all presented in unified view.

Many users already have existing tools and clients with which they manage their data. To ensure continuity and easy access to Mirantis files, Nasuni Access Anywhere Server adds standard API's to the Mirantis platform, such as WebDav and FTP / SFTP.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Mirantis offering also has built in support for backing files up to other Clouds so that users can have the security of knowing their data is highly available.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server platform for Mirantis is supplied as a software Appliance in VMWARE or as an OVF interoperable hypervisor format, as well as being deployable into Mirantis Compute. Please contact us for further details.

We can provide a pre-configured OpenStack instance with the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server software on a Linode instance if required.

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server also partners with SwiftStack for use of the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Enterprise File Share and Sync solution with their Swift Distribution, but can also be used with other OpenStack distros such as RedHat.

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EFSS Features added to Mirantis

For full details Download our Mirantis white paper Download Mirantis WhitePaper

  • File System: SME places a true file manager on top of Mirantis so users can work with data more intuitively - with a file manager interface they are used to.
  • File Names are not changed: Unlike some other Mirantis solution Nasuni Access Anywhere Server does not transcode or change file names. SME is completely open and does nothing proprietary with files stored on Mirantis.
  • Cloud Drives: SME provides native Cloud Drives for Mac, Windows and Linux that integrate Mirantis directly into the business desktop.
  • Cloud Sync: SME provides native Sync from Mirantis to the business desktop for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Visual Permissioning: We place a true visual permissioning console in the hands of administrators to make it easy to work with Mirantis from a user access control perspective.
  • Active Directory / LDAP / SSO Integration: Full integration and single sign-on with Active Directory.
  • Ubiquitous API Access: SME adds an Amazon S3, SFTP, FTP, and WebDav interface to access Mirantis files.
  • File Versioning: Versioning and file locking is built into the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server platform. If the same filename is uploaded to the same folder, the new file will be versioned and visible using our unique visual versioning UI feature.
  • File Event Auditing: Nasuni Access Anywhere Server supports granular file event auditing with associated IP Address. Reports are searchable and obtainable as excel reports or can be output as SysLog format for integration with tools such as Splunk.
  • Encryption: Mirantis files can be encrypted using public/private key SHA-256 bit encryption in which only the Admin or User knows the key.
  • Advanced Secure File Sharing: Mirantis files can be securely shared with time expiry and password protection.
  • GEO Location Recording: Nasuni Access Anywhere Server can record the location when a file is uploaded and also the endpoint location of where it was stored. This can be important from a regulatory perspective.
  • Classification Tagging: Helps users easily organize and find files.
  • Full File Content Search: Searches can search within files stored in Mirantis due to integration with Apache SOLR.

Cloud Control Built in

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server makes Enterprise File Share and Sync is built upon its Cloud Control Gateway which provides Information Governance for files and documents.