Integrate File and Object Collaboration directly into Microsoft Teams

File and Object Data Collaboration within Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become one of the de-facto collaboration tools of choice for enterprise organizations particularly during the boom in hybrid or remote working post pandemic.

Microsoft Teams however does not provide access to existing corporate file storage or object storage, either on-prem or in the cloud. This is where the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server comes in, providing frictionless access and collaboration to SMB files shares and/or object storage directly from Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams channels.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server also adds other great features including built in-previewers, MS office online editing integration, PHI / PII continuous scanning of data and content search of data, making employees more secure as well as more productive.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Teams File and Object Collaboration Work with SMB Shares directly from Microsoft Teams
    Work with Object Storage directly from Microsoft Teams
    Works with Amazon S3, Azure Blog Storage and Google Storage
    Works with NAS/SAN and other SMB base technologies such as Nasuni
  • Work with large files Work with larger files than MS Teams supports
    Object Storage can support files up to 5TB in size
  • Collaborate. Cheaper frictionless file collaboration within Teams channels
  • Vendor Neutral. Supports over 60 storage solutions
    Plug and play existing company storage
  • Enterprise Features. Enterprise Content Search
    Automated PHI / PII detection
    Large file transfer acceleration in/out
    Full auditing and logging of content interactions
  • Cost Effective An enabler for cheaper tier storage collaboration
    Cost savings can be huge on enterprise Teams deployments

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