The Enterprise File Fabric™ — The Killer Solution for Object Storage Access!

For Amazon S3 and other S3 compatible Object Storage, OpenStack Swift, Azure Blob, Google Storage etc

Secure Shared links

  • No need for public buckets / temp URL's
    Set robust ultra-secure file sharing policies with passwords and permissions to access files, determine if/when a file link expires, and number of times a file can be accessed.

Shared Team folders

  • Create shared folders and partner workspaces. Easily access object data from mobile, desktop and the web.

Comments and Approval Workflow

  • Users can collaborate in real-time on comments and document workflows across object data with feedback and approvals.

Open on the web / Edit on the desktop

  • Automatically edit files from the Web UI in native desktop applications.

Microsoft Office Online Integration

  • Users can use Microsoft Office Online directly with Object Storage Data. It allows teams to work together on data in a variety of ways, from real-time collaborative editing to group task management.

Built in File locking

  • Intelligently auto-locks when editing and opening documents.

Business Level Versioning and File history

  • Keep track of the version history of critical documents stored as objects. Easily allow end users to auto-recover data.

Business Level Auditing

  • A comprehensive file events audit trail with reports to satisfy compliance regimes such as GDPR / CCPA.

Ransomware protection & Recovery

  • The File Fabric continuously archives data in real-time from one bucket to another or from one object vendor to another.
    Real-time archives offer superior recovery options for enterprise users vs traditional point in time backups.

Content Search

  • Enable object storage content to be automatically classified, indexed and searchable - maximise access to object data.

Data Discovery and automation rules

  • The File Fabric automatically detects PII / PHI in data and alerting the organisation’s information security specialists to protect sensitive data being exposed.

Web access & all devices (desktops, mobile, tablet)

  • Support Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS including desktop sync and Cloud Drives.

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