Manage all your personal cloud files in a single unified view.

The SME Cloud Appliance is now available FREE for personal use. Host your own access to federated public / private cloud storage services.

Don't want to host your own ? Setup your own Personal Account with SME and get 5GB on Amazon S3 free
Manage, Share, Collaborate
from all your favorite apps

Cloud Apps for your Desktop

The SME Cloud desktop Apps include native desktop Cloud Drives, Sync Tools + more. Manage cloud files from your desktop seamlessly and naturally.

Mobile Apps for all Devices

Mobile options allow you to access your cloud files while on-the-go; the same power as our desktop solutions.

All Desktop Apps are included the SME Personal Cloud Package

Private Cloud - Use your own Data


Use your own WebDav / FTP / NAS server and access your files through the Storage Made Easy platform with full access to all SME Cloud Tools / Services.


WebDav access for any Cloud mapped to Storage Made Easy even if doesn't provide native support!


FTP access provided for any Cloud mapped to Storage Made Easy even if not supported natively!