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The Enterprise File Fabric solution for Media and Entertainment is now part of Global Distributions’ product portfolio.
Storage Made Easy has released several customer success stories that demonstrate the strength of its Enterprise File Fabric solution in hybrid multi-cloud storage scenarios.
The new update of the Enterprise File Fabric solution adds new storage connectors and strengthens remote and hybrid working features whilst continuing to provide a focus on multi-cloud governance, compliance and cybersecurity.
The combination of Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Fabric and Object Storage from Cloudian helped AUB enhance data accessibility and it is documented in a newly released customer case study.
Interested companies can contact Storage Made Easy for a technology preview as part of its early access programme.
The File Fabric Teams App extends Microsoft Teams collaboration to data outside of Microsoft 365 - Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, Azure Files, File Systems, and dozens of others.
The Enterprise File Fabric, a GDPR compliance focused multi-cloud solution is now available on the Exoscale cloud platform marketplace.
Record revenues in 2020 driven by growing Enterprise File Fabric adoption for enterprises who require unified file and object storage along with cybersecurity and compliance protections for hybrid workers.
SME is now in the ADN portfolio offering the DACH market the Enterprise File Fabric solution which unifies unstructured corporate data easily and efficiently, whether for public, private or hybrid cloud storage.
The File Fabric was chosen as it was designed to support remote working collaboration with object storage coupled with built-in security, governance and compliance features available as one turnkey service, hosted in the cloud.
The UK-based Software Company, Storage Made Easy provides a software solution called the Enterprise File Fabric that unifies file and object storage into a global file system for secure and accelerated collaboration. The company also offers enhanced cybersecurity against data challenges such as ransomware attacks, while accelerating end-user and system workflows using its file acceleration technology.
With an innovative software solution to the masses, Storage Made Easy owes more to its success than a unique product offering. We speak to Jim Liddle, CEO of Storage Made about what really makes the company.
The new update of the Enterprise File Fabric focuses on pandemic related feature enhancements that strengthen data security and remote working requirements.
Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a key player in autonomous vehicle development. ITRI technology combines real-time positioning, mapping technology, machine learning, and a range of sensors to simulate driving and capture test data in real world situations.
There are various companies specializing in providing smart data solutions, but one that stands out from the rest is Storage Made Easy. The company is a provider of enterprise software solutions for files and objects called The Enterprise File Fabric. It solves the enterprise data sprawl problem in which company data is located on-premises, a data centre, and increasingly, the Cloud.
In the midst of the digital transformation, the mandates for IT organizations have now changed, and one of the bigger changes is moving from the well-accustomed public cloud to multi-cloud environment. Multi-cloud is better leveraging the data both from the outside sources as well as internally. It is important to get adapted to this new environment as it helps in building an enterprise that is much more efficient.
Amid all the shifts in the world of digital media, one thing remains a constant: The need to be able to organize, index, search, access, transfer and process very large files and objects efficiently across a variety of platforms and services.
Object storage specialist Cloudian partnered with Storage Made Easy (SME) on a cost-effective storage solution that enables remote work and collaboration while keeping content within the corporate firewall where it's secure, compliant with corporate policies. Now you can even protect that media from ransomware.
Storage Made Easy is a certified supplier that enables G-Cloud companies to securely work from home thanks to the unique features provided by its multi-cloud Enterprise File Fabric solution, which include PHI / PII data monitoring and Ransomware protection / recovery.
The Enterprise File Fabric™ from Storage Made Easy® provides secure end user access to Azure Files, Azure Blob Storage and can unify other cloud and on-premises storage platforms into a single global file system.
Vehera LTD, a UK start-up trading as Storage Made Easy® (SME), today announces that it has completed a growth capital funding round led by Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC, the private investment vehicle of Louis M. Bacon.
The Enterprise File Fabric™ solution from Storage Made Easy® unifies and provides secure end user access to Amazon S3 and other cloud and on-premises storage platforms.
The Enterprise File Fabric™ solution from SME is now part of Spinnakar portfolio, offering a complete solution for enterprises that strive for a truly hybrid cloud strategy.
Storage Made Easy have appointed Andy Hill and James Peck as a response to rapidly expanding sales growth in the EMEA territory.
Storage Made Easy is one of the official Backblaze launch partners. The Enterprise File Fabric platform supports B2 Cloud Storage as a destination for S3 compatible workflows.
The File Fabric is being extensively used by companies to help facilitate secure audited access to existing company data during the global public health crisis.
The File Fabric now includes support for macOS Catalina providing users with convenient and secure desktop based access to their File Fabric solution and its +60 supported storage platforms.
The new SiteLink feature of the Enterprise File Fabric simplifies deployment, provisioning and management of file services and content distribution for remote office architectures.
SME's File Fabric for Media tool is geared towards companies who deal with large media assets
The media group at UK Premier League Football Club Arsenal F.C. has adopted the File Fabric to help with their media data management, providing a tool that allows them to operate with large media assets quickly and securely.
The File Fabric™ for Media presents free of -extra- charge file transfer acceleration, among many other media focused integrations, to offer a complete solution that effectively addresses media management challenges.
A Q&A with Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle discussing how SME is disrupting the media and entertainment industry with their M-Stream File Transfer Acceleration feature.
The new release from SME's Enterprise File Fabric provides a multicloud single pane of glass for all media assets, whether on-cloud or on-premises, and features file transfer acceleration in addition to content indexing and AI integrations.
The Enterprise File Fabric v1906 release includes new and innovative features for faster synchronization and indexing for Big Data sets, easier governance and compliance practices for users and quicker ransomware attacks recovery; among many other new features.
Storage Made Easy was named as one of three innovators in unstructured (file and object) content management tools
SME CEO Jim Liddle provides comments on the state of GDPR one year on.
The Enterprise File Fabric is now available on G-Cloud 11 to provide ultra secure multi-cloud content management that spans on-premises and on-cloud government data.
Storage Made Easy has updated its iOS, Android and OSX client applications for its secure multi-cloud content management Enterprise File Fabric™ solution.
I hate it when you realise that your point of reference has been unduly influenced by what's currently trending rather than what's really important. A recent briefing with Jim Liddle of Storage Made Easy (SME) highlighted how easy it is to fall into this trap.
The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) announced its third round of cybersecurity companies that will be joining its program to address the market need of industry today.
Enables companies to deploy multi-cloud virtual filesystems in Google Cloud.
The Enterprise File Fabric for media edition, a multi-cloud media management and file acceleration solution, is used by media and entertainment organizations to accelerate and secure large file transmissions.
After an extensive product selection, New York Geek Girls adopted the Enterprise File Fabric over a year ago. They provided it as a packaged offering to customers as a value added product bundle for use with existing data services.
The compliance report feature helps companies to easily see what data polices and security options are set across their corporate data sets whether on-cloud or on-premises.
New key features focus on increased security and usability in order to enhance data content management functions in a multi-cloud ecosystem.
The solution works with over 60 storage and data sources including Windows File Servers, SAN, NAS and object stores such as Azure, Amazon S3 and Cloudian.
More than 60 storage and data clouds are securely integrated into enterprise ecosystems, allowing users to securely collaborate in real-time editions of document formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote.
The File Fabric's M-Stream technology maximizes network bandwidth and minimizes network latency, increasing transfer speed and resiliency, particularly for wide area networks.
The File Fabric's M-Stream technology increases file transfer speed and resiliency for Object Storage including OpenStack and Ceph.
AGS PS now uses the SME Enterprise File Fabric solution to securely share confidential files with customers' sensitive data hosted on Memset's UK based OpenStack infrastructure and storage stack.
The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric has been accepted for the sixth time by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) as a supplier on the UK Government initiative G-Cloud 10.
Ensures compliance by controlling user data location and access, while monitoring for use of regulated personal data.
The SME, GDPR ready, Enterprise File Fabric allows ADVCOM's customers to instantly discover and classify personal data stored in their OpenIO SDS object storage.
The new File Fabric Slack application enables on-premises and on-cloud files to be securely shared through Slack.
At the OpenStack Vancouver Summit Storage Made Easy announced that they had released an open source rules repository of compliance expressions for Personal Information.
Three of Storage Made Easy’s products have been validated through IBM’s 'Ready for IBM Cloud' validation.
Jaguar Land Rover deploys their data analysis files from a local data centre to Google Cloud Storage without losing compatibility with DataFinder by using the SME Native Drive.
UK Based Storage Made Easy has secured £3 million in growth funding to help police and secure files across the corporate data estate with their multi-cloud File Fabric solution.
The Enterprise File Fabric™ brings high speed secure transfer across cloud, object storage and on-premises for the Media and Entertainment Industry.
The UK companies joined forces to provide a simple, fast and secure way to achieve GDPR compliance for UK and European companies.
Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Fabric solution is now available through Canonical’s Juju charm store.
New M-Stream™ feature in the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric used to accelerate access to Cloudian hybrid S3 object storage for major North American broadcasting company.
The new release enhances the Enterprise File Fabric to address business’ growing data protection challenges which include the forthcoming GDPR legislation and the rapid rise of data breaches.
The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric enables encryption of third party on-premises and on-cloud data stores - the security algorithm used is now FIPS 140-2 validated.
Storage Made Easy’s File Fabric with IBM’s new compliance-enabled vaults protect data in-place from deletion or modification as required for regulations like SEC Rule 17a-4(f) and FINRA (Rule 4511).
SME, a Single Control Point to Corporate Data.
Storage Made Easy succeeded, by Chris Mellor.
Storage Made Easy have announced a new archive and anti-Ransomware feature, ForeverFile™ for their Enterprise File Fabric solution.
At the OpenStack Summit in Sydney, Storage Made Easy debuted their new M-Stream™ addition to their enterprise File Fabric™.
Joint solution eliminates complex storage tiers and costly object lifecycle management.
The new release focuses on enterprise governance and compliance targeting service providers and companies that need to enforce compliance regulations on their whole data estate.
Storage Made Easy survey shows that 1 in 2 employees think that their company is not ready for GDPR.
Kamran Yousaf is one of the original founding team, and is strongly involved in all aspects of Storage Made Easy engineering and development.
Partnering to bring secure collaboration, file sharing, deep infrastructure security and compliance enabling e2e protection for the enterprise’s hybrid/multi-cloud environments.
This new integration will be a must for Service Providers who want to enable their customers to manage their own encryption keys for GDPR purposes.
The Storage Made Easy File Fabric provides Office 365 and Sharepoint customers a single pane-of-glass view and control of Office 365 and Sharepoint Assets.
The Storage Made Easy File Fabric enables S&M Cloud in Spain to address many of their IBM Cloud Object Storage and SoftLayer customers’ growing data protection challenges, including GDPR, shadow IT, BYOD and the rise of Ransomware.
File Approval is the new cloud collaboration feature that allow companies to stream documents workflows across data silos with feedback and approvals.
Cloudfire chooses Storage Made Easy, the leading enterprise file governance and sharing solution, to differentiate their Storage as a Service offering.
Storage Made Easy, a UK software company, has been accepted as a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier on the UK Government initiative G-Cloud 9 from which its enterprise file fabric software can be procured.
Storage Made Easy announced that it had expanded its sales team with the appointment of Ron Kaplan as RVP Sales and Kim Syrett as UK Sales Director.
OpenStack Ocata brings new enterprise features and functionality to the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric.
Concurrent’s Aquari Storage users can expand the workloads they support to include Storage Made Easy, an enterprise file governance and sharing solution.
Storage Made Easy has appointed senior employee James Norman as Engineering Manager at their Headquarters based in the UK.
Storage Made Easy have added object storage veteran Doug Soltesz as Director of Product Solutions focussing on the Last Mile of Object delivery to end users.
Storage Made Easy, supplier of the leading enterprise file fabric, signs a partnership agreement with OpenIO, enabling customers to build flexible and versatile object storage systems.
Storage Made Easy announced that it had expanded its senior management team with the appointment of Anthony South as board member, Dan Stone as COO, Erik Joelsson as director of engineering and Steven Sweeting as director of product management.
Storage Made Easy will present and demo its File Fabric solution for Enterprise during the OpenStack Summit, a bi-annual gathering of OpenStack community members, technology leaders, developers and ecosystem supporters from more than 50 countries.
S&M Cloud incorporates Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric to provide value added services for SoftLayer Object Storage in the Spanish Market
Storage Made Easy announced today that they have released version 10 of their self-hosted Enterprise File Sync and Share Fabric which federates on-premises and on-cloud stored data
SME, the UK secure file sharing Fabric startup, has been accepted as a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier on the UK Government G-Cloud initiative for the fourth time.
After extensive testing, over several notable alternative commercial and open source solutions, the University of Lorraine has chosen the SME Cloud Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution to implement with Red Hat Ceph Storage with Rados.
Small British Firm Wins Big U.S. Clients With Customized Solution
Storage Made Easy signs a partnership agreement with the New York based IT consulting company, Xcelmicro
Storage Made Easy has launched its own HTML5-based PDF Annotation editor feature that enables the ability to annotate these documents directly from the browser and across their desktop and mobile Apps.
Storage Made Easy, supplier of the leading self-hosted Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution, announces a Technology collaboration with Red Hat, enabling customers to use Red Hat Ceph Storage on the backend.
Scality selects leading Enterprise File Share and Sync solution, Storage Made Easy, to enhance the RING’s software enabling storage consolidation
Storage Made Easy release CloudEdit, a frictionless way of editing documents opened from the web directly on a users desktop
Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric Solution is chosen by Top Tier US Telco for use with OpenStack Swift
Storage Made Easy, the leading OpenStack Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS) solution provider, is exhibiting at the OpenStack Summit in Austin.
Caringo has chosen the Leading Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric, Storage Made Easy, to provide secure on-demand access to users’ data.
Storage Made Easy today announced it has enhanced its Cloud Applications for Linux for client access to its Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution.
Headquartered in Surrey, UK, Storage Made Easy provides a single point to control all your data.
Hulinks have signed a distribution agreement with Storage Made Easy to be able to sell and support the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric into the Japanese marketplace.
Strong Growth in OpenStack and other Object Storage related sales ensure Storage Made Easy, the self-hosted enterprise file share and sync fabric vendor, is on track for its second year of 100% plus year-over-year growth.
AXEZ is to resell the SME Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric as an enabler for Scality RING data access.
The cloud-based software aims to help legal professionals collaborate in a secure environment.
CIO Review article of the Storage Made Easy solution for OpenStack Swift.
Storage Made Easy has been listed as one of the Top 20 most promising OpenStack solution providers of 2015 by CIO Review.
Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise Cloud Data Fabric will be used to aid integration and compliance with Affinion’s DataPal E-Safe product.
Storage Made Easy and S&M Cloud have announced a reseller partnership in which S&M Cloud which has offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona as well as offices in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Bogota.
Finding a space in the file sharing market, not easy, but not impossible either.
Enterprise File Sync and Share Applications Deliver Improved User Experience With SwiftStack's New Breed of Object Storage
User-Generated, Unstructured Content is Ideally Suited for Next-Generation Object Storage Technology.
DataCentred has partnered with Storage Made Easy to offer the services through the UK Government’s cloud platform.
Storage Made Easy announce growth of 155% for 2014 fiscal trading year
Storage Made Easy announced strong results for their 2014 year ending March 31st 2015.
Storage Made Easy announced it had made further improvements to its solution to facilitate secure content sharing
LeoNovus® Inc adopts the Storage Made Easy solution for file share and sync use with its Geo-distributed and Private Cloud Storage solutions.
The Bone Cancer Research Trust adopts Storage Made Easy for its Enterprise File Sharing needs.
Storage Made Easy Chases A New Model In File Sharing And Collaboration
Featured on the Forbes news site.
Featured on the Daily Cloud website - Migrating from “Storage Hell” to “Solution Heaven”
Storage Made Easy today released support for Google Storage Nearline, the low cost, fast response, tiered storage service.
HP Helion ready certification enables the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution to run on HP Helion OpenStack®, and be fully supported by HP and their solution partners.
OEM’s, Governance features, continued OpenStack related deal growth, and a strong reseller channel continue to fund growth.
SME provide value added services as part of OpenStack Swift evaluation.
When EDI, a German professional services company, found that their cloud stored data was missing and that there data had been compromised, they had reason to be concerned.
ScaleUp bring an OpenStack Cloud to Germany and enhances the user experience with the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution.
Nimbus Concept, a Startup with a broad experience using leading Open Source solutions such a OpenStack to generate and automate Cloud Platforms, integrates the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution as part of their offering to the Spanish Market.
Due to strong ISP reseller revenue, OpenStack market expansion, OEM growth related to Cloud Governance features, and new product offerings.
Digital Network Solutions integrates the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution
Storage Made Easy, a leading provider of private cloud solutions, today announced that their private Enterprise File Share and Sync Cloud Control solution is being offered by Digital Network Solutions, a full service IT outsourcing and cloud solutions company.
Storage Made Easy updates Mac Enterprise File Share and Sync Apps for Yosemite
Storage Made Easy, who provide a private Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution compatible with most private and public storage clouds, have updated their Mac Cloud Apps to be compatible with Yosemite.
Storage Made Easy introduce Linux App updates for their Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution
Storage Made Easy are please to announce updates to their Linux Apps for their Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution: The updates focus on security, performance and feature updates.
Teamspace announces the integration of the Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution from Storage Made Easy as a part of their offering to provide businesses with a service where they can easily share, structure and control files with people from in, and outside, the company.
Storage Made Easy today announced they had enhanced their governance controls to enable IT to pre-set file sharing policies.
Storage Made Easy Aligns with SwiftStack to Expand Sync and Share Integration with OpenStack Swift
Building upon Storage Made Easy’s Seamless Unification for Private and Public clouds.
The SME solution is different to other file share and sync solution as it is storage agnostic and is built to work with multiple corporate data sources adding a common point for audit, governance and secure file sharing. It also integrates with Apache Lucene/ SOLR to provide private content search for all corporate data and offers a unique protocol gateway that enables enterprises to access their data over WebDav / FTP / SFTP / S3 irrespective of whether this is natively supported.
McCloud has integrated the Cloud Software solutions of Storage Made Easy (SME) into a new service to provide businesses with a service so they can easily share, structure and control files with people from in, and outside, the company.
BCLOUD announces that ASCO TlC has chosen the enterprise file share and sync solution of Storage Made Easy to implement a private cloud solution based on the use of Cloudian’s Object Storage Cloud.
Storage Made Easy today announced that HouseLens is using their IaaS enterprise file share and sync solution to securely backup data to their cloud storage using the FTP protocol even though FTP is not supported as protocol by their native cloud storage provider.
Vehera LTD, trading as Storage Made Easy has been accepted as a supplier on the UK Government G-Cloud initiative.
Storage Made Easy today announced they have implemented a CMIS connector for their Enterprise File Share and Sync 'cloud control' solution, which can be deployed on-premise or on IaaS.
A review of the Storage Made Easy service from Cloud Wedge
With the Storage Made Easy EFSS Cloud control platform now available for AWS GovCloud (US) Simple Storage users SME facilitates a full enterprise file share and sync type service with Amazon S3 Storage.
Storage Made Easy (SME), the public and private cloud startup for secure private enterprise file sharing and synchronization (EFSS), previously raised $1 million in its first seed round in December 2011. Total funding to-date now stands at around $2.5 million.
Storage Made Easy announce a unique private dropbox for enterprise with a twist, it works with all existing private and public files and adds cloud control and governance features. SME allows IT to regain control of ‘cloud sprawl’, unifying private and public file sharing into a single, converged storage infrastructure.
ThinkOn, a Canada-based cloud provider, ensures Canadian sovereignty over all information
Lush uses Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Appliance with OpenStack Swift to manage large numbers of users and file structures from all areas of the business in over 50 countries.
Storage Made Easy today announced that it now making it easy than ever for customers of Cloudian, the market-leading cloud storage company, to access their cloud files no matter their device or location.
Genie, one of the biggest cloud-based services providers in Israel for the SMB market, has chosen the Storage Made Easy Cloud Appliance product for ISPs to provide DropBox-like functionality to its business customers
“Eleco PLC signs a 5-year deal for use of Storage Made Easy’s Cloud Appliance, which will be customized to support the construction industry by Eleco
File sharing is a key part of a company’s ability to collaborate and share corporate data, which is increasingly stored in many disparate services. Many businesses just let employees share files with no control and no checks. Sharing desperately needs a policy. Information is the business’ core asset, and it needs to be protected and secure.
Single-sign on creates one unified access environment for Exchange, multiple cloud services, virtual desktop, and local storage
More and more companies are embracing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as part of a Mobile Device Management Strategy (MDM) primarily as a means to save money. The cost savings can be potentially huge but what steps should you consider with regards to implementing an MDM/BYOD policy?
Jim Liddle, CEO of Storage Made Easy, said as organizations move their IT functionalities to the cloud, they will also have to place more trust in an external provider with both their data and the need to comply with their security requirements.
“The Cloud” isn’t just DropBox or a web-based file sharing utility, it’s also online productivity applications like, Google Apps and specialty software hosted on platforms like Amazon S3. All these Software as a Service (SaaS) applications rely on the cloud to store and deliver users’ data; users who are now demanding easy access to these applications to do their work, wherever they are and on whichever device they choose.
Bringing Student and Faculty Clouds together
When your students and faculty need to share files, they typically need to ask the person they are sharing with to use the same service where the file is saved. Storage Made Easy allows cross-service editing, says Liddle. “I can share a document with you that is in my DropBox, but you see it in your SharePoint folder.” This is especially important for faculty who are collaborating on research across institutions, so look for this feature with other services when you are choosing a provider.
Storage Made Easy provides Unified Cloud Data Access to Mitii of Denmark
Mitii Development of Denmark, provider of knowledge-based training for brain enhancement and recovery, has adopted Storage Made Easy’s SaaS hosted cloud file unification solution for employee access to cloud files.
Storage Made Easy Delivers Unified Access in the Cloud
Universal access is one approach becoming more popular among SMBs and enterprises alike, an approach more likely to become even more widespread as the amount of data housed within organizations only continues its surge and bring your own device (BYOD) escalates.
Digital rights management will continue to thrive with consumers looking to access content on the go and on demand, but this means vendors will need to customize their offerings to meet clients' needs, with comments by SME CEO.
Cloud expert Geva Perry, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be advising Storage Made Easy, wholly-owned by Vehera Ltd., a private London-based limited company, on a range of strategy and industry topics.
Faced with difficulties integrating disparate software, companies end up bypassing security protocols and with data residing across various systems and locations, with comments by SME CEO.
Storage Made Easy recently announced, “that its Cloud File Server and Cloud Service Broker Platform have been integrated with Active Directory(AD)
Doug Rich will be driving U.S. sales for Storage Made Easy, a wholly-owned by Vehera Ltd., a private London-based limited company, and a cloud service broker and private hybrid cloud provider.
Storage Made Easy adds Support for Amazon Glacier to Ease any Cloud Archiving of Data
Storage Made Easy today announced full support today for Amazon Glacier, a low cost, fully redundant data archiving storage infrastructure.
January 08, 2013 - Storage Made Easy today announced that they had released a new client App optimised for Windows 8 PC's and Tablets.
The UK-based startup is targeting a familiar theme – cloud sprawl – but has some nice twists to its platform that are providing differentiation in a crowded and somewhat confusing market.
December 18, 2012 - Storage Made Easy is working with Huddle, the leader in cloud collaboration.
December 06, 2012 - The Storage Made Easy Windows Phone Cloud File Manager which unifies Public and Private Storage Clouds for easy management and use from a single App is now free on the Windows Marketplace.
December 01, 2012 - Storage Made Easy today announced that its Cloud File Server and Cloud Service Broker Platform have been integrated with Active Directory (AD), allowing its clients to authenticate directly with Active Directory credentials.
November 28, 2012 - XTime is now using Storage Made Easy's SaaS unified Cloud File Server Platform. XTime is the leading provider of web scheduling and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for automotive service departments in North America.
November 15, 2012 - Storage Made Easy has updated its unified Cloud File Manager for Windows phone offering the App for free for a limited time.
November 02, 2012 - FinSer, a financial services company, based in San Antonio, Texas, today announced with Storage Made Easy its use of the SME Cloud Service Broker dedicated appliance for managing its RackSpace Cloud Storage.
October 31, 2012 - Storage Made Easy today announced Jim Liddle as its new CEO. Ian Osborne, the previous CEO, has become chairman.
October 11, 2012 - Vehera today announced that they had rebranded the SMEStorage service to "Storage Made Easy" and would be focusing on the Hybrid Cloud Market for their Cloud Service and Appliance.
September 20, 2012 - SMEStorage have updated their Cloud File Manager App for BlackBerry, which enables management of all Cloud Storage services from one App from a file system interface.
June 27, 2012 - SMEStorage have updated their Cloud File Manager App, which enables management of all Cloud Storage services from one App from a file system interface.
June 15, 2012 - SMEStorage, today announced that over 50,000 users are now using their CloudDav feature to add WebDav access to non WebDav Storage Clouds on iOS.
May 11, 2012 - SMEStorage on-premise or managed hosted Cloud File Server now supports HP Cloud Services.
May 09, 2012 - SMEStorage, which provide a hybrid Cloud File Server today announced that it had added support for the BaseCamp® Cloud to its federated Cloud Platform.
March 30, 2012 - SMEStorage today announced that it had added support for the Italian Cloud Provider,, and its S3 compatible object cloud to the SME Cloud File Server federation platform.
March 20, 2012 - SMEStorage have released a HTML5 Cloud File Manager for the BlackBerry Playbook that supports over 35 Storage Clouds.
March 15, 2012 - Industry veteran Adrian Wise Joins the Board of Directors of Vehera LTD, trading as SMEStorage.
March 2, 2012 - SMEStorage Enables Customers to Use Eucalyptus AWS S3 Compatible Walrus Object Storage as a Hybrid Cloud File Server.
February 2, 2012 - SMEStorage today added support for 2 more Cloud File Providers to its hybrid Cloud platform now enabling access to more than 35 information Clouds.
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