SMBStream™ for accelerated VPN-less Access to SMB shares, is now available in the AWS Marketplace.

In a hybrid working world the performance of SMB shares over even the fastest VPN is poor, SMBStream was built to fix this problem.

Storage Made Easy, with a mission of simplifying storage for everyone, announced today that their new SMBStream™ product can now be launched directly from the AWS Marketplace.

SMBStream provides high-performance, secure access to file servers in the cloud, in data centers, and between geographically distributed offices across the world. Unlike using a VPN, users and applications have speedy access to the file data they need in real-time, and the solution scales as more users are added.

Launching SMBStream from the AWS Marketplace makes it even easier to consolidate file servers into the cloud, to include remote storage in cloud workloads and to integrate distributed file storage into the Enterprise File Fabric platform.

SMBStream Highlights:

  • Real-time Access - Users are able access live file storage over the internet. Real-time access means there is no office cache to procure, no snapshots to synchronize, and no global locking challanges.
  • Fast - SMBStream enables productive use of remote file systems from distributed offices. Improves remote file access up to 15 times compared to a traditional VPN.
  • Secure - Adds key authentication, repudiation and AES-256 encryption for secure access over the public internet.
  • Vendor Neutral – Extends the reach of your SMB compatible file servers including Amazon FSx, Nasuni, NetApp Cloud Volumes.

Adam Faircloth, IT Director from Anthologic, a digital media company, said about SMBStream: “With so much of our team working remotely, accessing local NAS storage takes too long and frustrates users. Using SMBStream access to those file shares from the cloud is many times faster, it’s like magic and just what we needed.”

For more information about SMBStream visit:

Get SMBStream at AWS Marketplace here.

About Storage Made Easy (SME)

Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Fabric™ integrates file and object data into one single platform through a unified file system that works with on-premises and on-cloud data storage assets.

End users, whether local or remote, are able to access the unified file system using web scale protocols and clients that bridge desktop and cloud, but which provide familiar workflows to end users.

Cloud-like economics are provided across a company's entire storage portfolio, unlocking the benefits and cost-efficiency of its data assets whilst providing strict controls and governance for legislative compliance, such as GDPR and CCPA, and addressing security concerns such as ransomware attacks.

The platform’s unique File Transfer acceleration technology M-Stream®, speeds up the transfer of files from desktop to storage, storage to desktop or even public cloud to public cloud, enhancing user productivity and providing ROI on latency sensitive workflows.

The company is backed by Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC, the private investment vehicle of Louis M. Bacon, in addition to other private shareholders including London-based entrepreneurs who previously successfully exited their businesses to larger industry peers.

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD.

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