Sharepoint & Office 365 Governance

SharePoint Governance

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Features:

Collaboration and Sharing

  • Supports any OS / Device

    Nasuni Access Anywhere Server can support the use of SharePoint and Office 365 from any Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux) or any mobile device (iOS, Android)

  • Secure Sharepoint File Sharing

    Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides advanced file sharing features which include time expiry and password protection and policy setting.

  • Content Search

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Solution provides indexing of SharePoint / Office 365 content for deep search.

  • Group WorkSpaces

    Each user has the ability create a virtual workspace in which users can be invited to share content from any Storage Cloud. Each member can, if required, be given permission to share content.

  • Extended Collaboration

    Edit SharePoint / Office 365 files on Cloud Drive's on any Operating System; Annotate PDF's across team; + more

  • Fax Integration

    SME integrates with the Interfax service which enables users to send SharePoint / Office 365 documents as faxes directly from the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server service. An Interfax account is needed, but we are able to map this against another Fax API if required (enterprise only).

  • Use SMS for File Notifications

    We can support SMS on file notifications via integration with Twilio or the Clickatell service if required.

  • Data Workflow rules

    Rules can be set on Sharepoint / Office 365 data so that users are emailed if new files are uploaded to a specific folder, or file versions changes. Users can filter on certain types of file extensions or set all file extensions.

File Management

  • Intuitive File Manager Interface

    SME provides a hierarchical interface directly within the web browser to easily work with large amounts of structured SharePoint/Office 365 data.

    File access is native from mobile apps and desktop OS Apps with additional native cloud drive's for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Secure Files

    All SharePoint / Office 365 files can be made secure using encryption, even if hosted remotely, enabling sensitive information stored in local storage or remote clouds can be securely encrypted.

  • Audit, Governance & BYOD

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution has built in support for file event auditing, Governance and Bring Your Own Device Management out of the box.

Backup and File Access

  • Advanced File Safe features

    Users can choose to have data stored in SharePoint / Office 365 and have it automatically backed up to a nominated Storage Cloud to ensure data is always available when needed to ensure business continuity

  • Email Backup

    Part of the service includes email backup that is easy to use and also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. The emails are sorted by date and month and stored as files that can be searched and accessed from online or native client tooling.

  • FTP/ WebDav / SFTP / S3 API Gateway

    The solution comes with a sophisticated protocol gateway that exposes access to SharePoint / Office 365 files from common protocols.

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