SMBStream™ | VPN-Less Remote Access to SMB Shares for Remote Workers

SMBStream™: Fast, Secure VPN-Less Access to Remote SMB Shares

Organizations still use and have huge investments in on-premises storage. Local storage is a critical enabler for office-based team collaboration. As teams become increasingly dynamic and distributed, however, productivity suffers. The ability to access on-premises file storage remotely is difficult. It can be slow, expensive, and difficult to secure.

SMBStream is a site-to-site gateway that provides users accelerated, secure access to office bound or cloud bound SMB shares.. Through local access points users and applications have transparent access to the file data they need in real-time without the need for a VPN.

SMBStream differs from a VPN in that VPNs commonly tunnel traffic between sites by encapsulating packets. VPN clients often need to install software, or network administrators are required to make routing changes to allow client access. The SMBStream gateway makes file shares from external sites available without client software installation or network changes.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Real-time Access. Remote users are accessing, locking and changing live storage. No cache to sync or snapshots to upload. No lock synchronization challenges. No users reconciling versions and merging documents.
  • Fast. Improves remote file access 2-15 times versus VPN. Enables productive use of file servers from remote offices.
  • Secure. Adds key authentication and AES-256 encryption for secure access over the public internet.
  • Vendor Neutral. Supports any client or server supporting SMB versions 1-3 which Includes on-premises based storage solutions such as Nasuni, Netapp and Isilon, and cloud based solutions such as Amazon FSx and Azure Files.
  • Zero Client Install. Users and applications simply access a new local network file share using their existing credentials. No VPN required.
  • Easy Configuration. The gateway is deployed as a single virtual machine or service at each site. No hardware or “branch cache” storage is required. One firewall port.

Key Use Cases

  • Enterprise File Fabric

Consolidate SMB Shares into a single global file system for fast VPN-less access by remote workers using SMBStream and the Enterprise File Fabric.

  • File Server Consolidation

Move SMB file shares to the cloud or regional data centers to reduce operational costs and increase security and still provide easy access to remote workers.

  • Multi-Office Collaboration

Simplify file-based workflows for distributed teams with all users accessing a single file server.

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