Storage Made Easy® Drive for Rackspace Cloud Files

For Windows

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Mount Cloud Files as a Native Desktop Drive

The Rackspace Cloud Files Drive enables users to mount and interact with Cloud Files, powered by OpenStack object storage, as a local disk. Browse and open remote files with your favorite desktop applications including the Microsoft Office Suite. Use File Explorer to copy, move and rename Swift objects as if they were files and folders. For Mac support see the OpenStack Swift Drive for Mac.
The drives are licensed for single-user desktop use. Contact sales for enterprise pricing and server use cases.


  • Drag and Drop

    Use the Windows File Explorer to drag and drop files and folders between local storage and Cloud Files. Use Cloud Files for offsite backup, data migration or to free up space.

  • Interact with Files

    Users can now browse, open and save files from online storage directly from their regular desktop applications. Just use the application’s File Open or Save function.

  • Performance

    The drive is optimized for large and deep folder hierarchies. Metadata and files are cached and only downloaded as needed. An Upload Manager synchronizes updated files with Cloud Files.

  • Simple Installation

    Just provide your Rackspace API credentials and the drive is ready to use as a native desktop Windows drive.

Key Features

  • The Drive enables objects to be browsed, opened and edited as files from any application. To a user, it works like a local file system.

  • Containers appear as top-level folders – simply create and delete as folders.

  • Reorganize storage by moving files and folders within and between containers.

  • Moving and renaming of files and folders is supported. User actions are mapped to underlying operations that OpenStack object storage supports.

  • Files are uploaded asynchronously. Users can view and manage the upload queue.

  • Drives can be referenced in scripts and used from the command prompt just like local file systems.

  • Use for shared file systems, offsite backup, data migration or to free up space from local disk.

  • The endpoint can be locked down for end users. You can even create a fully branded drive for white label, OEM or corporate use. Contact us for more information.



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