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Version 3.2.8

General Updates

  • New Web UI interface
  • MS Offices files can be edited on windows using locally installed MS Office(cloudedit)
  • Added an option to disable using Flash in web browsers(SME-1311)
  • Added configuration option to display Goggle Drive files as URL(SME-1499)
  • When editing a file using Zoho the file is now locked(SME-1216)
  • Strong password now must be at least 8 character long(SME-1211)
  • Added an option so IE browser will use the latest engine(SME-1188)
  • Adding anonymous LDAP as auth system is supported now(SME-1400)
  • Added an option to turn off geo location service(SME-1326)
  • Thumbnails are created using GraphicMagic library
  • TCP congestion window optimized
  • NTPD service configuration changed to work in Amazon EC2
  • OpenSSL and Apache upgraded to support TLS1.2 and latest ciphers
  • Increased ulimit for processes to fix Solr running out of file descriptors


  • Evernote API rate limit more elegantly handled(SME-1209)
  • Gmail provider now uses oAuth2 for authentication(SME-1147)
  • Added GlassCubes Provider
  • Added HPSS provider
  • SwiftStack provider now supports LDAP integration and support undelete API
  • Enhance API to support legal hold and data retention
  • MS SharePoint provider now supports externally authenticated users using OAuth
  • EMC Atmos Provider improvements(SME-1354)
  • CIFS provider now supports netbios eanbled CIFS on port 139(SME-1546)
  • DropFolder support added(SME-1121)
  • OpenStack Swift Direct URL download support added(SME-1194)
  • OpenStack swift provider now supports native swift version(SME-1232)
  • Fixed a bug in CMIS provider where logging caused process to quit (SME-1165)
  • Fixed a bug for Azure provider when creating nested folders(SME-1526)
  • Appladmin can export list of users(SME-1664)
  • Added ability to disable external preview(SME-1652)

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Import/Export performance (SME-445)
  • Fixed a bug where a folder was refreshed multiple times if real time refresh * was on (SME-1240)
  • Improved Large folder refresh (SME-1253)
  • Optimization when trash is emptied with large number of files(SME-1254)
  • Improved file Copy/Move speed and resource utilization(SME-436)
  • Improved time-outs handling when connecting to a storage provider(SME1141)
  • Improved Error handling when adding MS SharePoint provider (SME-1319)
  • Fixed a problem when valid user emails were not accepted when creating a user(* SME-1301)
  • SME Trash improvements(SME-900), on delete files are moved to .trash folder in * provider to avoid namespace conflicts
  • Fixed bug for Facebook app (SME-1463)
  • Fixed a bug for FireFox when downloading encrypted files would fail(SME-1534)
  • Fixed Chrome warning for SharePoint plug-in(SME-1218)
  • Fixed where CloudFTP/CloudSFTP/CloudDav access IP was not logged correctly
  • Fixed a bug when displaying thumbnails for encrypted files(SME-1439)
  • Fixed bug when exporting statistics empty csv file was exported(SME-1630)

Cloud Adaptors

  • CloudDAV now sends correct response to OPTIONS request(SME-1453)