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Appliance 1705.00 Release Notes

New Features & Improvements


A new API method getDocumentAnnotationsUrl has been introduced, allowing you to get the specific URL you need to annotate a particular PDF document. The getToken API method now supports authenticating a user who has 2FA enabled. Improved support for file download range-requests, with memory optimizations for certain clouds.


Where users are using tools (e.g. Desktop or Mobile tools) to execute a logged action, the name of the tool will be displayed in the Audit Logs. Where a document is edited in Zoho Office, the Audit Logs now includes this. Where an upload has been performed using 'direct upload', this is now reflected in the Audit Logs. Where an upload is encrypted with Personal Encryption, the Audit Logs now reflect this.


Google Authenticator is now supported as an 2FA method. The organisation can now control whether users with 2-Factor Authentication are allowed to authenticate with the protocol gateways (CloudS3, CloudDav, CloudFTP) Appliance appladmin user can now enable 2FA on their account When 'auto configured' providers are used in conjunction with an Authentication System, message is displayed on first web login indicating that the user's storage is being added. Added support nested groups within LDAP authentication systems SAML is now available as an external authentication system, in addition to our existing LDAP and Active Directory support (previously released in a service pack for Appliance v10).


Editing the same document in real-time with colleagues is now possible with our Zoho Office integration (previously released in a service pack for Appliance v10). Document feedback and approval workflow are now available (previously released in a service pack for Appliance v10). Users can now mention each other when commenting on a file (previously released in a service pack for Appliance v10).


Your team encryption keys can now be stored in HashiCorp Vault, enabling you to use the key in other areas of your business. We now provide a method for Team Admins to export their encryption initialization vector for use with our standalone decryption tool. You can now enable Team Encryption on nominated folders

File Sharing

The passwords to shared links you create can now be sent via SMS (using Twilio). You can now specify your own custom domain for short URLs instead of Bit.ly. Dropfolders are now mobile friendly. You can now create shared links that allow other users to edit the shared file with Zoho Office. They must have an account in order to edit.


Where clouds can support 'direct upload', a granular option on each cloud provider has been added to allow you to turn this on or off. You can now enable or disable trash on each cloud provider. Real Time mode can now be enabled or disabled on each cloud provider. You can now enable versioning of your files, but hide the versions from your users. The comments timeline of a file now indicates when new versions were created (previously released in a service pack for Appliance v10).

Protocol Gateways

CloudS3 Now supports v2 and v4 signature formats CloudDav Now has better support for MS Office, preventing MS Office from repeatedly re-prompting the user for their credentials. Storage Providers

Evernote Added support for their updated APIs Amazon S3 Support for their new regions (Asia Pacific, London, Ohio, Canada) Added support for Multipart Uploads (MPU) Dropbox Support for their new API format. Existing accounts will be automatically migrated. Azure Blob Storage Support for 'Append' Blob types has been added Support for 'Cool' storage has been added All S3 compatible clouds Added support for Multipart Uploads (MPU) The provider option Enable Server Side Encryption has been renamed to Use Server Side Encryption for Upload Scality You can now manage your Scality buckets OpenStack Swift We now have support for OpenStack Swift Keystone 3 authentication

Web File Manager

Improved the choices and behaviour of file editing from the web. An on-premise document previewer is now available that uses LibreOffice. The Web Interface now supports custom localisation using PO files (GNU gettext). General improvements to the PDF Annotation tool. The appliance now supports a 'Web View Only' permission, that permits users to only access the folder through the Web File Manager. Where users have a large number of files in a folder, the Web File Manager now paginates the file list for browser performance reasons. A message will now be displayed when a users user's connection to the SME appliance has been lost (e.g. no network connection).


The appliance will now send an email to the administrator if the PDF Burner is not running. Added configuration option to specify the SSL/TLS version for your storage cloud if it does not support the latest strongest versions. Improved the alignment on the Edit User form The Dashboard now indicates how much space has been used on each cloud The apostrophe ' character is now supported in user's email addresses. All other sessions a user has apart from the current session will now be terminated if the user changes their password. Filebox now has an option to 'move to trash'. Improved handling of large folders during move operations Improved rate limit throttling imposed by storage system. Bug fixes


When you have an Audit Watch notification configured to alert on the generation of file sharing links, this notification includes a file sharing link, which can cause repeated notifications. This has been resolved. It was not previously possible to export a large volume of audit log entries. This has been resolved.


The getMyFavouriteFiles and getLockedFiles API methods did not respect pagination controls. This has been resolved. The getProvidersForOrgMember API method could be called by an non-admin user. This has been resolved. The getFilesByQuickFilter indicated that matches were found in the content of the file, even if deep content search was disabled. This has been resolved.


When copying a file from an encrypted folder to an unencrypted folder, the file was not decrypted. This has been resolved. Files that were encrypted on upload (Personal Encryption), could not be downloaded if they were in a Dropfolder. SME now prompts for the encryption phrase on download.

File Sharing

Auto-sharing rules would cause thumbnails to be generated where they were not necessary. This has been resolved.


The Team option, Default page after login did not display the currently set option. The choice had been saved and honoured, but displayed incorrectly on the Organization Options screen. Storage Providers

Rackspace If you created an empty folder directly within Rackspace, then it would appear as a file within the SME interface. This has been resolved. CMIS Resolved error after file rename and cloud refresh Jive Resolved error handling with their API OneDrive Resolved issue where OneDrive could not be added with newly created OneDrive personal accounts Box.net Resolved issue where you could not have a folder called 0

Web FileManager

The 'Download from Web' option did not work if the URL contained a question mark '?'. This has been resolved. Resolved issue where Team Members who have the Manage Permissions permission on a folder could not delete the Team Folders created by others. The permissions on sub Team Folders were not always displayed correctly. This has been resolved. There were no issues with the enforcement of the permissions. Resolved issue where if you had too many tags, it would restrict the viewing of files resolved issue where some team members in a team folder could not see a thumbnail for a file. Resolved issue where the pagination controls could appear on top of the search results if the window was small in height. Under certain circumstances it was easy to submit a comment twice. This has been resolved. You are now prevented from renaming buckets/containers. This is not supported by object storage systems.


If GraphicsMagick is used, SME now limits its execution time for cases where it can take a very long time to generate a thumbnail. If you have Show versioned files in clients set to User choice, and the Team Admin Dashboard option Show versioned files in clients is set to Yes, this option was ignored for the Team Admin. The option is respected correctly for Team Users. This has been resolved. Resolved system error when filename contains a line-break symbol. When running the DB Upgrade script, it would output Undefined offset SERVER_NAME to the command line. This has been resolved. If users performed an upload using 'direct upload', this would contribute towards their package bandwidth usage. This has been resolved. Business group email notifications could sometimes render incorrectly in some legacy email platforms. This has been resolved. Resolved issue with the internal cache, which would lead to a providers title being displayed incorrectly for a short period of time after it had been updated. General improvements to the storage and management of security sensitive keys.

Known issues

Importing files from an object storage system shows an error upon completion. The files have been correctly imported, and the error message is shown incorrectly. SME-3278. RESOLVED in 1705.01 If the PDF Burner tool is not running on the appliance, an email will be sent to the administrator. The email is missing the instructions for restarting the PDF Burner. SME-3279. RESOLVED in 1705.01 If your appliance title contains a space, users will have issues adding the Google Authenticator QR token to the Google Authenticator iOS App. The Android App accepts the QR code. SME-3298. RESOLVED in 1705.01 If your appliance has 'Default Storage' and you have a backup/archive provider, when you remove an item from Trash, an error message is displayed incorrectly. The file is removed from trash. If you opt to have deletes replicated on your backup/archive provider, then they are also deleted correctly from there. SME-3307. RESOLVED in 1705.01 If a user has 'Read-only' access to a folder, they are able to create shared links to files in that folder. SME-3309. RESOLVED in 1705.01 Amazon Cloud Drive is not available in the appliance. It will be available in the next service pack. SME-3311. RESOLVED in 1705.01 Trash does not immediately show the deleted files as they are processed in the background. The files will be deleted, and eventually show up in Trash. SME-3201. RESOLVED in 1705.01 The Dropbox provider does not support created folders that are named 0. SME-3317. RESOLVED in 1705.01 Scribd is deprecated and incorrectly available from the appladmin App Integrations screen. SME-3314. Search file info panel can sometimes be too small to see useful information. SME-3328. If a filename is too long, it can overflow the size of the Copy dialog. SME-3332. RESOLVED in 1705.01 You cannot override the number of users in a package, either in the create package wizard, or through editing the package? later. SME-3334. RESOLVED in 1705.01 The package subscription interval is not saved when the package is created. It is saved after editing the package. SME-3335. The test button for Zoho on the appladmin App Integrations page displays an incorrect error on connection. SME-3336. There are some general issues with IE Edge and Windows 10. SME-3337. RESOLVED in 1705.01 If you have the FTP connector added, and have some items in trash, they may disappear after a provider resync. The files are not removed from trash on the storage, and are just not shown in the SME UI. SME-3338. RESOLVED in 1705.01

Release Notes - SME File Fabric Appliance v1705.01

New Features and Feature Changes

Storage Providers

  • [SME-3312] - Gmail is no longer supported as a storage provider.
  • [SME-3253] - Support has been added for three new storage providers: Minio, Dell EMC ECS and IBM BlueMix.


  • [SME-3291] - SAML authentication is now supported for Azure AD.


  • [SME-3072] - A new, optional feature has been added to require users to record the purposes for which they create links for sharing files and folders.


  • [SME-3297] - The email warning that is sent automatically if the PDF Burner is not running now includes more information.
  • [SME-3300] - API support is now provided for appliance backups.
  • [SME-3368] - Audit Log entries are now created for failed moves and copies.
  • [SME-3313] - All storage providers are now enabled by default in the User Packages that are provided with the appliance.
  • [SME-3331] - Inactive users are no longer counted against license usage.

User Experience

  • [SME-3122] - The audit log feature has been tuned to provide better performance for browsing and exporting.
  • [SME-3269] - Auto-sharing rules now take effect more quickly.
  • [SME-3355] - The OAuth screen adapts better to devices of different sizes.
  • [SME-3361] - Two factor authentication workflows have been streamlined.
  • [SME-3380] - Two factor authentication screen appearance and behaviour have been improved.
  • [SME-2277] - The appearance and behaviour of the popup windows that appear throughout the Web interface have been improved.
  • [SME-3318] - Interactions between SAML and OAuth have been streamlined.
  • [SME-3381] - CloudEdit can now be used side-by-side with two factor authentication.
  • [SME-3364] - "Organization Options" has been renamed "Organization Policies".
  • [SME-3408] - The Web interface can now be embedded in an IFrame.
  • [SME-3399] - Re-sync of object storage providers has been made faster.
  • [SME-3273] and [SME-3201] - A variety of GUI appearance and behaviour improvements have been implemented.


  • [SME-3315] - Direct uploads to Default Storage are now supported.

Resolved Issues

  • [SME-3337] - Several issues with IE Edge have been resolved.
  • [SME-3332] - Long filenames could overflow their boundaries in the copy dialog. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3052] - Moving many files in a single operation sometimes failed due to session expiration. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3230] - Downloading several files in a single operation was sometimes unsuccessful with some versions of IE and Chrome. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3252] - It was possible to create an individual user and an organization with the same user name. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-2939] - Issues relating to LDAP authorization when the user's LDAP ID had been changed have been resolved.
  • [SME-2976] - Some user data was not removed when a user was deleted. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3117] - When a file was replaced with a different file of the same name, the original file's details such as size were sometimes not replaced with the new file's details promptly. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3121] - A misleading error message was displayed when an incorrect user name was provided for access to a CIFS provider. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3186] - An error that could occur under specialized circumstances when adding a backup provider for the appliance default storage has been resolved.
  • [SME-3223] - Problems with redirects and failure to return a token that occurred when a OneDrive provider was being added have been resolved.
  • [SME-3246] - When two or more files were being downloaded using Chrome on Mac and Chrome was configured to ask for download destinations, the download destination was requested only for the first file. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3257] - Previously it was not possible to move files of 5GB or larger to SME Trash on S3. This has been resolved
  • [SME-3279] - Importing files sometimes failed when the destination was an object storage provider. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3281] - Raw URL encoding was not used when communication with the Ceph provider in some cases. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3287] - The CloudDAV service attempted repeatedly to log in when the system was not available for login. This has been corrected.
  • [SME-3293] - The VAT ID checking feature did not work correctly. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3298] - SME sometimes created a URI for Google Authenticator containing characters that Authenticator prohibits. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3307] - When a Backup Provider was in use with the default storage provider, errors were encountered when destroying files in Trash. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3311] - Amazon Cloud Drive had been omitted as a supported storage provider. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3317] - Folders with the name '0' could not be created in the root of the DropBox provider. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3326] - An error maintaining the list of folders when they were being restored from Trash has been resolved.
  • [SME-3334] - When a Package was being assigned to an org. and the maximum number of users was overwritten, the new maximum number was not saved. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3338] - After an FTP provider was resync'd its Trash folder was no longer visible. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3353] - Organization Policies settings sometimes couldn't be saved. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3394] - When used with object storage providers, the Import function was limited to 1,000 files. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3395] - Downloading files from Cloudian sometimes failed with an error message showing a code of "nf". This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3407] - LDAP query results that included group names containing special characters were not handled correctly. This has bee resolved.
  • [SME-3410] - A problem that sometimes prevented tags from being visible on the Fie Manager's Tags tab has been resolved.
  • [SME-3465] - OAuth Authentication did not work correctly for the Amazon Cloud Drive storage provider. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3359] - The default org. was not honored when users were automatically created with LDAP. This has been resolved.
  • [SME-3479] - A Zoho compatibility issue has been resolved.

Known issues

  • [SME-3488] The option to override the From email address on the Email and Filebox page is not working correctly.
  • [SME-3468] It is possible to change value of the "Unique User Attribute" form the LDAP integration page. This should be prevented.
  • [SME-3310] If you are using IE Edge, you cannot add the GMail provider.
  • [SME-3314] Scribd is deprecated and incorrectly available from the appladmin App Integrations screen.
  • [SME-3328] Search file info panel can sometimes be too small to see useful information.
  • [SME-3335] The package subscription interval is not saved when the package is created. It is saved after editing the package.
  • [SME-3336] The test button for Zoho on the appladmin App Integrations page displays an incorrect error on connection.