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Cloud Connectors supportedPrint
SMEDefault Storage provided on SaaS platform uses Amazon S3
Amazon S3Key / Secret Key Auth
GmailOAuth used to connect
AnyEmailStorage files on IMAP email - turn it into a remote cloud
RackSpace CloudFilesKey / Secret Key
Google DocsOAuth
FTP/FTPS/SFTPpervasive protocol, use to connect to on-premise storage
WebDavpervasive protocol, use to connect to to on-premise storage
Google Apps EmailOAuth
MezeoUsing S3 interface
EgnyteWebDav protocol
Zimbrausername / password
FilesAnywhereusername / password
Google StorageKey / Secret Key Auth
Windows AzureKey / Secret Key Auth
CloudMeusername . Password Auth
SharepointSharePoint protocol used to connect
SafeSyncusername / password
Amazon Cloud DriveCurrently disabled due to change in connection terms from Amazon
Google sitesOauth
HuddleOAuth (Enabled on request)
OpenStackKey tenants
SwiftStackOpenStack Key tenants
Open S3 - S3 Compatible CloudKey / Secret key - supports any S3 compatible storage
Alfresco On-Premiseusername / password - webdav like protocol
Office 365SharePoint protocol used to connect
iKeepinCloudWebDav like protocol
EMC AtmosKey Auth paradigm
CleverSafeS3 compatible API
PogoPlugusername / password - API not that stable
EvernoteUsesrname / Password
FileNetSME CMIS Connector
DocumentumSME CMIS Connector
OpenTextSME CMIS Connector
IBM FileNetSME CMIS Connector
AmplidataUsing S3 compatible APIr
NuxeoSME CMIS Connector
NemakiWareSME CMIS Connector
BasecampOauth for BaseCamp V2 - username . Password for BC V1
SugarSyncusername / password
Ubuntu Oneusername / password
HostingSolutions.itS3 interface API
HP CloudBased OnOpenStack
iCloudusername / password
ScalityUsing S3 compatible API
JiveHostname with Username / Password
IBM Connection Filesusername / password
Memset MemstoreBased OnOpenStack
Google DriveOauth
Amazon S3 DES-CBC3-SHAsecure US Federal Government
Amazon S3 RC4-MD5secure US Federal Government
Dump TruckWebDav
Nifty Cloud StorageSupported using S3 compatible API
ConnectriaSupported using S3 compatible API
Constant Cloud StorageSupported using S3 compatible API
Tiscali Cloud StorageSupported using S3 compatible API
GreenQloudSupported using S3 compatible API
SeeWeb Cloud StorageSupported using S3 compatible API
RiakcsSupported using S3 compatible API
CloudianSupported using S3 compatible API
LunaCloudSupported using S3 compatible API
HostEuropeSupported using S3 compatible API
CephSupported using S3 compatible API
NetGear ReadyNasSupported using WebDav Provider
Dunkel StorageSupported using S3 compatible API
Protocol / Interface Support 
WebDavWebDav interface over any mapped cloud
FTP / FTPS InterfaceFTP Interface over any mapped cloud
SFTP InterfaceSFTP Interface over any mapped cloud. Currently in development.
S3 interfaceS3 interface over any mapped cloud
Ports RequiredPort 80 and/or 443 is required. For FTP port 21 is required and for FTPS. port 990. For SFTP port 2200 is required.
User Management 
Batch User Creationxls, cvs import
Active Directory IntegrationFully Supported. Multiple Domains and failover proxy support.
LDAP IntegrationFully Supported.
Single Sign on SupportActive Directory, LDAP out of the box, other Identity Management systems as needed
Block devicesBYOD device blocking is supported.
Administer UsersEither SME or via LDAP or Active Directory
Administer Security 
Administer User PasswordsAdditionally set lock out controls
Add additional Administrators 
Administer Notifications 
Administer File Events 
Administer Folder permissions 
Administer File sharing 
Administer Devices 
Set User quotas 
Provisioning APISupports integration with custom provisioning systems
SNMP TrapsBase OS is Linux therefore all SNMP traps are fully supported.
MonitoringBase OS is Linux therefore normal monitoring tools / Apps, such as Nagios, can be used.
File Sharing 
Support for shared folder 
Shared folder permission controlssupported either via SME Identity management or AD/LDAP
Subfolder permission controlsub folder permissions can be different to parent folder permissions
Group AccessSupported with Business Group WorkSpaces
File Change Notificationcan be configured with rules
Distributed File Locking 
Comments and Notificationscomment collaboration can be real time
Shared file expiration and password controlsset passwords and time expiry on files
Built in messagingSend users messages via web interface. Also supported on iPad.
Fax integrationBy default with Interfax service
SMS integrationAbility to integrate with Clikatel or BulkSMS gateway for event notifications
Data workflow rulesFor groups shares
Share files direct from emailOutlook Plugin, Mac Mail Plugin and also filebox for file attachments
Social SharingTwitter, FaceBook, WordPress (if required. can be turned off)
Restrict / control file sharingAdmin control point
File Share support on devicesiOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, other devices via HTML5 mobile App
File Share support on desktopWindows, Mac, Linux
Files (other) 
Tag / Classification support for filesFor easy grouping
Unified searchAcross multiple storage or data endpoints
Favorite filesAbility to favorite files for quick access across Apps and devices
ContactsCreate and store contracts directly within the Cloud File Server for use with sharing.
Create filesCreate new blank files for txt, doc, xls, ppt or html for editing
File CommentsEach file has full file commenting availability and users can collaborate in real-time on comments.
Trash Bin ConceptTo prevent accidental deletion
Identity Management 
SME Identity Management systemSecure Token Authentication, X500 style use / directory management
Bulk Import of UsersUsing CSV or excel files
Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP integration 
Google Identity ManagementIntegration currently complete. Not released into platform yet
Ping Identity ManagementCompleted this for one client (custom previously)
Integration with third party providerson demand, paid engagement
Access Control Permissions 
Granular shared folder permissioning support 
Allow nominated users to create shared folders 
Support read only access to folders 
Support read-write access for users and roles to shared folders 
For Shared folders set no access for users and roles 
Permissions management also at shared sub folder level 
Restrict access by IP address e.g office only or by country 
Restrict access by Client type e.g web and Windows tools only 
Restrict users who can create Shared folders 
Granular control on user capabilities 
Set storage Quotas per user 
Set File Sharing policiesConfigure default time expiry, whether a password should be set and how many times a file can be downloaded
Separate Access control for business group workspacesBusiness Group workspaces control sharing with external users and there is a separation of concerns between internal and external sharing for security reasons
Event AuditingComprehensive event auditing for user actions and file actions
Audit granularityAbility to set audit options around types of events to monitor
Event notificationOn Audit events
Audit integrationAvailable for exports as .cvs or excel or an API is provided
Reportingon bandwidth or storage used per user, role or department
Geo location loggingThe platform support GEO Location features for all document uploads which records the IP address and Town / Country of Origin, and the IP Address Town / Destination Country where the upload is accepted
Administration roleAdmin role for each Account. Can be more than one admin
GEO Location restrictionsRestrict where the server can be used from by IP address
Block device / App useAs part of BYOD management capabilities devices or Apps can be blocked from use on a per user basis. The solution can also integrate with best of breed BYOD solutions such as BlackBerry Sector and Oracle Mobility.
Set File Sharing policiesConfigure default time expiry, whether a password should be set and how many times a file can be downloaded
File Security 
End to End encryption from client to storage 
Single access point for auditing and data encryption 
AES 256 bit encryption of data on storage"All files can be made secure using managed encryption, even if the underlying storage cloud does not support encryption. Managed encryption means that only the user who assigned the key knows it. It is not stored on our service.
Any shared files that are encrypted will need to have a key entered for file access. This can also be centralised so the administrator of the Cloud sets the encryption key for all users."
Private encrypted links 
Private shared time based links 
Full audit on shared links 
Set password for shared links 
Expire shared links manually 
Enable/Disable collaboration features 
Full User actions AuditAdministrator can turn on event auditing and control the granularity so that all file events are logged for all users and the unique IP address is recorded against the event.
Geo Location loggingThe platform support GEO Location features for all document uploads which records the IP address and Town / Country of Origin, and the IP Address Town / Destination Country where the upload is accepted.
Shared folders with granular permission controlThe Organization shared folders feature enables special folders to be set that all users in the Organization will see and access the content of these folders. This is a great way to store common organization data and ensure that all users have access to company content such as Marketing, Human Resource literature etc.
Online browser editing using Zoho API key registration required. Please see here.
Collaboration with external users using business group functionalityEach user has the ability create collaboration groups in which users can be invited to share content. Each member can, if required, be given permission to share content with the group and the group can be configured for all members to see each other, or not. When new files are uploaded to the group all member get an automated email informing them of the new content. It is a great way to deal with partner networks, or geographically distributed working groups.
Rules for auto sharing of files with business groupsLoad a file to specific folder and have a rule set that ensure it is automatically shared to business group (external users) participants
Access control for business groupsYou can setup download/update permissions on for business groups
File lockingYou can lock files if you don’t want other collaborators to update the file while you are working on it
Unlimited Document versioning supportDocument versions are support and you can view previous versions
Built in messaging for collaborationMessaging is built into the platform so you can send each other messages directly to other users from the web,windows or iOS platforms.
Comment on files for reviews and discuss live with colleaguesReal time commenting on files directly from the web browser
set notification for change in interesting files and folders 
Unlimited Document Version support The platform provides document version support to view previous version of documents
File Sharingadvanced file sharing features which include sharing files over email, Twitter and RSS. Each file also has its own unique URL. File shares can also be set to expire after a number of days for safety
Fax integrationintegrate with the Interfax service which enables you to send documents as faxes directly from our service. An Interfax account is needed.
Workflow rulesRules can be set on data so that you get emailed if new files are uploaded to a specific folder, or file versions changes. You can filter on certain types of file extensions or set all file extensions.
Language Support 
Multi-Language Support (web) using Google Translate integrationGoogle Translate free API key required. Languages supported: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukranian.
Multi-Language Support (Apps) using device localization strings.
Scalable Architecture 
Multiple Deployment options available depending on load requirements 
Solution is highly available and scalable. Tested with thousands of users and millions of filesLargest deployed user base is for 250,000 users
Can access data using FTPS, FTP, WebDav, de-facto Amazon S3 
Unified Cloud SearchWith full search operators
Tagged filesAllows for grouping of data from disparate clouds and easy search
Deep SearchIntegration underway with Apache Lucene for search of document content for any mapped cloud (additional paid connector feature)
Client Apps 
Web BrowserHierarchical File Manager designed to easily navigate large data sets
iOS clientNative iPhone and iPad Ap
Android ClientNative Android App
Windows 8 Tablet AppNative Windows 8 Tablet App
BlackBerry ClientNative BlackBerry App
WindowsNative, Drive, Sync, Office Plug In's, Outlook Plugin, dedicated explorer App
MacNative, Drive, Sync, Spotlight search of date in clouds, Mac Mail plugin
LinuxNative, Drive, Sync, dedicated explorer App
WordPress Backup PluginBackup WordPress data to any cloud
WordPress file share PluginShare files from WordPress (with password and audit support)
Web Browser Plug-In'sFor Chrome, Safari, Firefox
SalesForce Force AppApp that integrates directly into SalesForce for behind the file private file sharing for SalesForce attachments.
GMail Chrome ExtensionSecure file attachments for Gmail (web)
FaceBook AppBuilt for ISP's - a consumer App for FaceBook file sharing
Music Streamer AppMac only - built as proof of concept. Streams music for an mp3 file in any mapped account
Deployment Model 
On-Site UseBehind corporate firewall as cloud control point
Cloud only Use 
IaaS deploymentRackSpace, Linode, Memset etc
EC2 Deployment 
Supplied as Appliance imageVM Image, Hyper-V, KVM, XEN, OVF. Can also be deployed as a virtual box image or as an OpenStack Compute image (Glance).
BrandingSolution can be fully branded
App BrandingYes, for mobile and desktop
Data Backup / Data Migration 
Import / Export data between cloudsUsing SME Cloud Import / Export feature
Rapid Upload capabilityfor object storage clouds. Windows tool only.
Cloud to Cloud BackupBackup data from one cloud directly to another clouds
Cloud Copy / Movedrag and drop directly from the web file manager
Backup EmailIMAP only. Email is backed up and each file becomes a text file and is indexed for search
Data Protection 
File Versioning supportSupported and can be controlled by Admin. Also versioned view can be turned of in mobile and desktop apps. Web File Manager has "visual view" of versioning
SSL TransferAdmin can force https to be always on
Data at rest encryption Controlled by Cloud Admin for Team accounts
public / private key data encryption256 bit SHA-1 AES Data encryption. Can also be integrated with other encryption systems.
Group Policy to define security settings for all users 
Retention policyData not deleted unless removed from trash
Background backup to secondary storageSME Cloud to Cloud Backup
Email BackupAny IMAP email box can be backed up and be scheduler to be backed up at regular intervals.
Large File SupportSME supports chunking at an abstract level above any Cloud Provider and where cloud providers support this concept at an API level it integrates. An example of such an integration is OpenStack Swift Dynamic Large Objects which are supported.
Document Editing / Viewing 
Create and Edit documents in Web BrowserUses Zoho and Google Docs integration or a plain text editor
Edit Documents on AndroidUsing SME FTP and Kingston office
Edit documents on iOSUsing SME WebDav and Apple iWork or other WebDav enabled doc editors. `the SME iOS App also allows in-app editing of text files on the Cloud using our own technology
Edit documents directly on WindowsDouble click on docs from the cloud drive and use native editors or use SME MS Office or Libre Office Plug Ins
Edit documents directly on MacDouble click on docs from the cloud drive and use native editors
Web document viewingSME integrates with Google viewer and so can preview a multitude of dodcument formats that Google Viewer supports
PDF AnnotationsSME provides a fully featured HMTL5 PDF Annotation suite with full burn and Audit capabilities.

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