WebDav Drive

Storage Made Easy implemented the protocol WebDav above any mapped storage Cloud, something we terms as CloudDav. WebDav can be used as a means to create a network drive in desktop operating systems. 

This drive is not to be confused with the SME Cloud Drive which is a native drive implementation that uses a technology called FUSE to be able to present a Cloud network drive. 

The WebDav drive is offered as an alternative to the native SME Cloud Drive.

Mac WebDav
The Mac implementation of WebDav is not performant due to the way that the Finder works when trying to lock and check files and folder. For this reason we block its use. If a Drive is required for use with a Mac then please use our Mac Drive.
Windows WebDav setup
The WebDav drive can sleazily be setup from the SME Control Panel or if  zero install is required it can be setup at the command line or in a script as below:

NET USE * \\webdav.storagemadeeasy.com@SSL\DavWWWRoot 


(or NET USE * \\webdaveu.storagemadeeasy.com@SSL\DavWWWRoot for the SME EU Server)
Accesssing WebDav on Windows
Once the Drive is set then it can be accessed directly in Windows Explorer or directly from other Apps using the drive letter.
WebDav File Actions
SME also built some default shell integration into the drive so that enables direct access to SME features on right click.
WebDav file locking
The other neat thing about WebDav is that it integrates with the SME locking feature so that if you create, open or edit a word in MS office for example, it will be marked as locked for other users, and be available in read only, until you close the document or exit word.
Windows 7 WebDav Tips
1. On Windows 7 there is a known bug which slows down the use of WebDav. Make sure that the proxy settings in IE are disabled. For some reason, at times, the settings "Automatically Detect Settings" In the connection tab reset itself. If it is disabled the drive works as expected. It is is activated performance degrades.

2. Also on Windows 7 there is a known bug where Windows forgets the connections information an continues to ask to reconnect between sessions. Please see this article for how to resolve this.
Linux WebDav
WebDav can also be used on the Linux Operating Systems using a WebDav Client such as Sabre\Dav

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