CloudFTP is an FTP implementation on top of Clouds that do not natively support FTP. Once a Cloud has been added to your Storage Made Easy Account, if CloudFTP is enabled for your account You will be able to access it from any FTP Client.
Accessing CloudFTP
To access CloudFTP:

US Server:

FTP:// Port 21

FTPS:// Port 990

EU Server:

FTP:// Port 21

FTPs:// Port 990

Using your Storage Made Easy username and password as authentication. You should be able to use any FTP Client to make the connection.


Our recommendation is to use Passive mode from the FTP client as this is the easiest way to interact with the solution, although Active mode should also be supported, it is harder for users to setup.

You should ensure you extend the timeout to maximum in the FTP clients that you use and not use the default as you will likely have trouble uploading large files if you do not change.


On the SME SaaS service CloudFTP is restricted to 3 MB/sec download speed (this restriction does not apply to enterprise on-premise or IaaS dedicated server use).

CloudFTP grants 5 connection per user. If you try to use CloudFTP concurrently you may breach this limit and therefore the connection will not work.

If you a require a solution that scales beyond this we offer dedicated server FTP server gateways. Please ask for more information on this.

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