Multi User File Locking

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This section explains file locking and appertain to situations when users are working on files within shared folders.

Locked files are identifiable by the lock icon in the different tools.

File locking functions against all mapped file clouds via the SME solution ie. the files not locked for direct access.

Appertains to:

- SaaS hosted Service

- IaaS Use

- Enterprise on-premises use
Web File Locking
Files can be locked and  unlocked from both web file managers on right click and a file has a lock icon if it is in a locked status.
Windows SME Explorer
In the Windows dedicated explorer if you double click on a file to edit then you will be prompted to lock the file prior to it being opened.
Windows SME Explorer explicit locking
Locking / unlocking  of files from the Windows explorer can also be done explicitly on right click

Files can also be easily locked / unlocked on open/save using the SME OpenOffice and Microsoft Office toolbar plug-in's.
Windows Drive file locking
Locking from the Windows Virtual drive or  WebDav drive can be achieved explicitly from a right click file action.

Also if a Microsoft office or Libre Office file is double clicked and opened from the drive then the file is auto-locked. The same file is auto-unlocked when the App is closed. A try icon is shown when this occurs.
Mac File Locking
The Mac Drive also features explicit file locking and unlocking. Locked files can be identified on the drive by the lock icon against the file.

As with the Windows Drive if office files are launched directly from Mac Finder then they are auto-locked and auto-unlocked on exit.


If a file remains locked it can be because:

- A User explicitly locks a file and forgets to unlock it.

- If a file is locked automatically using a desktop app such as Microsoft Word and the App crashes the file then remains locked until explicitly unlocked.

Also note a Cloud Administrator can unlock files (in addition to the users).

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