Managing User Storage Quotas

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For Cloud File Server Team users (SaaS and on-site Appliance) team quotas can be managed by the Cloud Administrator.

Applies to:

Cloud File Server SaaS users
Cloud File Server Appliance on-site users
Setting a Global Limit
The global storage limit applies to users for the default cloud that is in use for their personal storage space. The default Cloud is indicated in the Cloud DashBoard by the "Def" label.

In the first instance the storage quota for users can be managed on a global basis from the Users section of he Organization sidebar from the web.

By default the limit is set to 0 which indicates that no limit is currently set.

Setting a per user limit
Individual user settings can be applied  that exempt the user from the global limit. This can be done from each individual user page. 

A setting of 0 or zero indicates that no setting is currently applied.

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